Window Units Versus Ductless Mini Splits

Window Units Versus Ductless Mini Splits

In the United States the most popular heating and air conditioning systems for decades have been ducted systems with the furnace and wire in the basement, attic, or closet and the condensing unit outside the home. Homes built in the early part of the last century without air conditioning often use window units in every room. But in some regions of the world, like Asia and parts of western Europe, Ductless Mini Splits are more popular HVAC systems. In the last few years these systems have been growing in popularity here in the United States. What are the pros and cons for installing Ductless Mini Splits?

I do not believe that you will ever see wall mounted ductless systems cooling complete large homes in this country. already though you can now buy them in three and four zone applications many people would not want a wall mounted air handler hanging in every room of their home. It is more expensive to install four one ton ductless Systems than it would be to install one four ton central ducted system. It is also more expensive to function four separate one ton systems than it is to run one four ton system. But there are times when a Ductless Mini divided is the best choice.

When a building contractor has an AC system installed in a home he sizes it for the home to not only cool but to also dehumidify the home. Later in the future you, as the home owner, may decide to enclose the garage or add a room to the house. Unfortunately the existing air conditioning system is not adequate enough to cool that room. I had a situation like that. I built a small home office about 120 square feet using part of my garage. I thought my air conditioning system was large enough but the new office was the farthest room from the system. I could not keep the room at the same temperature as the rest of the house. Finally I installed a 9000 BTU Pridiom Ductless Mini divided unit. This was the perfect situation for a unit like that.

You may be asking, why not use a cheaper window unit that is easier to install? In my case there was no window and would have required contacting a brick sawing company to cut a square hole in my wall. But already if I had a window I would have chosen a Ductless Mini divided. The Mini Splits are more attractive and are much more energy efficient. The Mini Splits are much quieter operating than a window unit. Some systems are as quiet as 19 decibels, lower than a typical human whisper. But the most important reason to use a Ductless Mini divided is that they make your home much safer than a home with window units. Just as a window unit is easy to install, it is also very easy to pull out of the wall. A window unit can be removed in minutes and without the noise of breaking glass to draw attention. You not only feel violated when a person breaks in this way and steals your character but it irritates you to know your window unit might now be cooling your burglar’s home.

The next time you are considering adding heating and cooling to part of your home consider using a Ductless Mini divided. I think you will find as I did that they are the perfect choice.

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