Will HostGator Beat Its Competitors With the New Discount Strategy? 25% Off already For Non-Resellers

Will HostGator Beat Its Competitors With the New Discount Strategy? 25% Off already For Non-Resellers

The HostGator coupon 25% off has been chiefly dedicated to reseller hosting customers but its validity has been now extended to all HostGator packages, ranging from shared web hosting sets over reseller and VPS to dedicated server hosting. VPS and dedicated server hosting can’t be paid for a year in improvement (only monthly billing obtainable) but the reseller web hosting from HostGator.com can be paid already for 2 years in improvement which method enormous savings for you with the 25% off HostGator coupon. For example, with the Diamond reseller plan and HostGator coupon HGATOR25OFF you will save whopping $599 on the 2 years package.

What is reseller hosting and who is it for?

Reseller web hosting is a shared web hosting service that re-packs sets obtainable from the real hosts (dominant hosting providers). It could be an individual or small business that makes use of the bandwidth and web hosting servers of a higher tier hosting provider and resells the same to the customers by offering additional value sets like web-design, domain names registration or programming.

Most real hosts offer reseller packages in order to increase their sales. A large number of web hosting businesses have arisen around the internet today. In order to keep competitive the real hosting providers are looking for multiple ways how to promote their sets to a greater number of people without offering their sets to each individual separately. This paved the way for the popular reseller hosting business.

In the reseller system, the real hosts are able to generate bulk orders and delegate end clients to the reseller middle-men. In return, reseller web hosting businesses look after the end client’s needs in a more personal way and are able to offer a tailored solution already for the smallest customers. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

The reseller web hosting business can be made up-and-running and earning income without having to invest any important capital sum. The sets offered by a reselling company are not much different from those of the dominant hosts. In fact, the resellers usually add more value to the customers, like web design, SEO, or already marketing sets which is usually not in the big hosting providers’ scope of business.

Those who want to start a reseller web hosting business can simply search on internet for reseller great number providers and find the best offer appropriate to their plans. There are no obstacles in obtaining a reseller account from a real great number these days. Anyone can apply.

For those ordering basic hosting plans (shared packages) with a monthly billing, the best HostGator coupon is HGGREEN2011. Its credit value is $9.94 off initial order. It method you can get HostGator Baby plan first month for insignificant 1 cent. You can take it as a free trial, there are no contract commitments. Or when paying yearly in improvement, redeem the HostGator coupon HGATOR25OFF to get 25% discount from initial bill which makes impressive $89.55 discount a year for the Baby plan. There is also 45 days money back guarantee so it is risk-free to order HostGator web hosting.

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