Why Student Loans instead of Another kind of Consumer Credit?

You are a student or you have student children. To fund the curriculum followed, you intend to borrow. How to choose a credit student? How to get good financing terms

The studies are expensive. minor point charges are multiple and meaningful expenses: buying a computer, rental housing, etc.. Small jobs in similar studies can not always meet all these needs. The student loan is a solution. In September, the bank offers are numerous.

Why student loans instead of another kind of consumer credit?

Because the rate of student loans are more attractive and that the fees are often obtainable. And if you are talking to a bank that has partnered with the university or school to which you are registered, you will assistance from more attractive rates. Another characteristic of the student loan: the loan is deferred until the end of your studies. Throughout the duration of these, you have a deductible (or deferred repayment). You pay monthly premiums that the insurance of the loan. If you opt for a complete exemption, you pay nothing else. If you opt for a uncompletely exemption, you pay more interest. After this period of deferred payment, 2 to 5 years in general, which is typically at the end of your studies, you repay the loan in its entirety. The total duration of the loan may be 9 to 10 years in general.

Loan conditions more attractive for some students

With a student loan, you can pay for higher education technical university in large schools. But also, for some loans, apprenticeship contracts (loans apprentices). But if you are in graduate school or if you are a student of a great school, you will most certainly better terms (rate and amount of such loan). The rate of student loans are in the range from 2.50% to just over 4%.

The place parents often required as collateral

The student loan as the loan apprentice is granted tested, the parents or yours if you work. But a parental bond is almost always required. The parent or relative who becomes surety also signs the contract and it is he who must repay the loan in case of failure on your part. Good to know, if you do not have sufficient resources or parental guarantee, you can apply for a student loan. Nevertheless, the loan is not granted automatically and its rate is freely set by each institution.

The student loan, the unavoidable solution?

Before resorting to student loans, consider other possible funding supplies. Do not overlook the assistance that can make parents, if they have capital obtainable before established for this purpose for example. And learn also from specialized agencies. You may be eligible for other aid (state grants, merit, local, unsecured loans, mutual aid …). Otherwise, the use of student loan is justified as an investment in a training project. Be attentive to the conditions of your debt. estimate the exact amount of your needs. Do not overestimate. Consider the repayment burden to bear early in life. And if possible, opt for a provision of funds several times, as and when you need them. This reduces the total cost of the loan.

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