Why Have Bed Bugs Made a reappearance?

Why Have Bed Bugs Made a reappearance?

The bed bug epidemic is nevertheless a mystery to the Pest Management Industry. For centuries bed bugs were shared pests up until after World War II. Just after World War II strong pesticides such as DDT and chlordan wiped out the pests.

For decades the pests disappeared until the 1990s when the pests began to make a reappearance in America, Europe, Australia, the UK and other countries across the globe. Their cryptic habits coupled with the public’s ignorance permit the pests to move between abodes and countries resulting in worldwide dispensing.

Travellers transport a lot of the pests around the globe discreetly hidden and undeclared in luggage and other personal items. The insects are found in 50 states in addition as Puerto Rico, Guam and American Samoa.

Just after the summer Olympics in Sydney, in 2000, there was an sudden increase, which experts claim to be the worst ever due to densely populated urban areas, global travel and the pest’s tolerance to pesticides.

While no one knows the real cause for the resurgence of the pests, entomologists have developed reasonable theories.

Most of the early infestations were associated with travel and many infestations in the 1990s were discovered in hotel guest rooms.

A list of possible reasons includes:

World travel

Increase in world travel is the greatest factor in the global bed bug epidemic. People travel for business and leisure between continents. The multicultural flavour in developed countries method people are always travelling to and from their homeland. Bed bugs stow away in luggage and personal items and this contributes to the global infestation.

Second hand merchandise

The bugs are often associated with dirty environments, but they live in clean environments in addition. Poverty sometimes increases infestation in homes. Some people help themselves to infested equipment and furniture that other people discard on the street.

People sometimes buy infested re-manufactured mattresses not knowing they have bed bugs. Flea markets, antique markets, charity shops and garage sales also increase the risks of a bed bug infestation.

Underground economy

There is a growing population of illegal immigrants who regularly move in and out of group residences, usually low-income apartments. These people change jobs frequently and move between cities. Some of them are infested with the pests and transport them wherever they lodge. The illegal resident is doubtful to contact a pest control firm to deal with the problem.

Changes in bed bug habits

Perhaps modern-day pesticides are not as effective as DDT and chlordan to kill the pests. Scientists say the bugs produce enzymes that destroy insecticides. This neutralizing effect is in addition to a mutation, which scientists say alters the bed bug’s nerve endings and prevents shared pesticides from binding to their nerves. These two defences protect the pests from being destroyed by the pesticides.

The public lacks awareness

In general, the public lacks awareness of bed bugs and how it is transported from one place to another. Many people are nevertheless ignorant about the bed bug epidemic. Neither do they understand the behaviour and habits of the pests. Had they known they would not collect furniture and equipment from off the street and take them home. Also, people would be alert, especially during travel, if they knew the cryptic habits of the pests.

Changes in pest management practices

In the past, it was a regular practice to treat baseboards in hotels with pesticides. The pests would make contact with the pesticide as they make their way from the luggage to the bed.

Research has shown that since the 1990s there was a emotional shift in pest management practices. Regular treatments to hotel, motel, and apartment baseboards were replaced with baits for roaches and ants. without of treatment method the pests can now travel from the luggage to the bed to infest hotel rooms.

Now that the pests are back, they are spreading rapidly throughout the United States, Europe and other countries across the globe. One only needs to use a night in an infested ecosystem and it is 100% guarantee the person will transport the bugs to a new ecosystem.

The global epidemic method bed bugs have now infested numerous places such as theatres, public transport, prisons, schools, universities and many other places.

Knowledge about the pest is the best protection against an infestation. Once you understand its biology and habits you can take appropriate steps to keep them out of your home.

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