Who Should End The Conversation First When You Text Your Ex Back?

When you first start to text your ex after a breakup, your ex will respond in one of four ways:

1.) No response at all
2.) A neutral response
3.) A positive response
4.) A negative response

When you get a reply from your ex, the next question becomes how to properly manager their response in a way that won’t ruin your chances of getting back together. It sounds easy enough, but you need to have restraint here or you can really mess things up.

Why restraint?

You need restraint and self-control because when you haven’t spoken to your ex in a while and they suddenly reply to your text messages (especially if they do so in a positive way), your first instinct will be to get into a long drawn out conversation with them. You’ll be so happy to hear from them that you’ll want to keep texting them for as long as they’ll talk to you.

This seems logical, right? I average they’re talking to you and seem happy about it so why would you want to end the conversation?

It may seem logical, but it’s not a good way to conjure up the feelings in your ex that will make them want you back. Whenever you’re attempting to text your ex back into your life, you always want to be the one to end the conversation first. Here’s 3 reasons why…

1.) By being the first to end the conversation and by ending it early (before it dies on its own), you make your ex miss and long for you more. They can’t quite get their “fill” of you which makes them look forward to the next chat.

2.) Ending the conversation first gives you the strength to end things on a high observe.

After you and your ex just shared a funny moment or positive memory, you can end the conversation and their mind will focus on those positive feelings toward you. If you wait too long or draw out the conversation, then you risk having it end in a fight or having it become boring and boring which then causes your ex’s mind to focus on those negative or neutral feelings toward you.

3.) It makes you come across as confident and not needy or desperate.

When you text your ex and end the conversation first, you come across as a confident individual who has places to be and people to see. It shows your ex that you’re not just sitting around being desperate and needy trying to eke out every last second you can with them or begging them to keep talking to you.

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