What Roles Does a Web Hosting Uptime Plays?

Web hosting always come with web hosting uptime. What is web hosting uptime? It is the amount of time your website is easy to reach on the internet. No web great number can ever offer a 100% uptime to the user, so beware with all those false promises.

Uptime is important especially for those who are running an online store compared to private website. Imagine if your website cannot be viewed most of the time, you will probably end up losing your customers and ultimately your business. Furthermore, it doesn’t show any professionalism if your website is down often and people may get tired of trying to view it.

Why is there no 100% uptime? This is due to downtime. There are 3 types of downtime, planned downtime, slightly planned downtime, and unplanned downtime.

Planned downtime is the time where the web great number upgrades or reboots their servers. Since it is a scheduled routine, consequently you will be informed by the great number about the downtime. slightly planned downtime is the time when the web great number finds a problem with their system and the great number has to use some downtime on repairing it. This is an emergency case basis, but the hosts are nevertheless able to let you know about the incident.

Unplanned downtime is a negative kind of downtime. You need to be careful and avoid this kind of downtime. The cause of an unplanned downtime majority is the great number has a poor system or is overloaded by the website they great number. With this kind of downtime, your website may be down often without any notice. In the long run, you may suffer from a meaningful loss.

To avoid making a wrong decision on choosing a web great number, you should research on the web hosting uptime percentage. A good web great number will offer up to 99.9% uptime. There are websites that allows you to find out how much downtime a great number truly has. These are useful figures that would be able to assist you on getting the best web great number for your website.

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