What Makes Arizona The Ideal Destination For Canadians?

What Makes Arizona The Ideal Destination For Canadians?

If you’ve already heard about the hordes of Canadians traveling to Arizona, there is a good reason for this. While the weather in Canada is typically filled with snow and at subzero temperatures, in Arizona it’s typically complete of sunshine. But could it be just the weather? There are plenty of other reasons. Arizona has become a buyer’s market not just to Canadians but already to buyers across the U.S. There are numerous buying opportunities with a wide range of options, including single family homes, town homes, and resort/golf course similarities.

The ineffective U.S. Dollar

The ineffective U.S. dollar has simply made it easier for Canadians to strike gold in Arizona real estate. for example, there’s a lot of taxes on gas and liquor in Canada, consequently, it’s always been more affordable in the U.S. And now with the strong Canadian dollar, the prospect is already greater in the real estate field. Either Canadians are flocking in during the winter, or decide to permanently live in Arizona. In fact, it appears that every third person in the Phoenix area is a Canadian.

At the height of things there has been a 17.5 percent increase in the Canadian money against the U.S. dollar. It’s become a notable year for Canadians, however, if you haven’t booked or reserved in addition, it would be worth doing so now. Some sites are already turning away tourists because they are complete.

More Developments

The trade links between Canada and Arizona was initially typified by vegetable crops to the north, and timber to the south. However, the interlinking has turned out a lot deeper in the past 2 decades. Arizona is little by little turning into a top state for optical and photonic research, aerospace, life sciences and development. Consequentially, this has produced many more businesses and academic travel between Arizona and eastern Canada. Today, there’s a huge link between Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa with Arizona that was never really there several years back.

Countless Options

Foreclosures and new developments have such alluring costs at the moment, it wouldn’t make sense to turn them down. Typically, a lot of resale similarities are priced beyond market value. Arizona offers similarities for various Canadian lifestyles, including town homes and condos for those escaping the winter, low-cost homes below $150,000 for families on a budget, gated communities, resort homes with golf courses just “in the backyard,” and already multimillion dollar palaces constructed on the mountainside, surrounded by natural desert scenery.

Canadians getting into Arizona Real Estate are not only benefiting from the wide range of attractive homes, but they are particularly impressed with the value they get. In fact similarities that are priced at $250,000 in Arizona would currently be around $750,000 in Canada. That is a huge deal considering the kind of similarities you get. for example, Canadians in the area can enjoy playing golf in any of Phoenix’s hundreds of golf courses.

Travel Convenience

There are now a number of special programs for Canadian snowbirds searching for homes in areas of Arizona that are considered to be the best destinations for golfing and other leisure activities. The goal of such programs is to make the change to U.S. home ownership a simpler and quicker one for interested Canadian buyers. Another reason why such programs now exist is to further obtain economic ties between Arizona and Canada. There’s been exceptional sustain for successful facilities sets that focus on vacation travelers. You can see their endeavors with the non-stop flights from Montreal to Phoenix very recently, and developments are continuing for the following years.

Such convenience in travel will be welcomed by those wanting to escape the chilly winters. This makes locations in Arizona such as Phoenix more alluring for those who plan to stay half of the year in Canada and the other half in the warmer parts of the U.S. Not only has that, one can enjoy the speed with which they receive from their home to their second home.

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