What Do You Do After You Start A Home Based Business? 7 Keys To Unlock…

Ahhh. A home based business in MLM or Network Marketing. You watched the video, listened to the presentation and you saw the possible. The way to earn what you are worth and obtain financial freedom.

But now what? What do you do after you start a home based business? They’ve told you how simple it was, how anyone can do it. But you’ve read on the internet that over 97% of people fail at MLM and Network Marketing. If it’s so easy, why doesn’t everyone have success.

The answer lies in something my coach always told me: If it’s easy to do, it’s easy not to do.

If you put your head down, butt up and keep moving forward-ignoring the noise and distractions around you-you’ll be successful. But most of us find that boring and give up long before we’ve sowed enough to expect a harvest.

Let me proportion a story:

I had to repair a door that leads out to the back porch. It had a window in it that the kids had broken. I wanted to put a larger, dual-pane window in to replace the single-pane window and I went to a local Re-Store to get a deal on a window.

I don’t know what this window’s original use was, but it wasn’t a door. So I had to do a custom installation and it took me a few evenings to get it done.

I thought about the kits they sell for these kind of things. Already cut to size with all the trim and hardware you need to do a repair like this in a jiffy.

That’s what you need for your MLM or Network Marketing business-a kit, or in this case a system, that allows you to just assemble the pieces quickly and precisely. Here are seven things your system should include:

A Plan

The foundation of successful marketing is a 90-day plan. Your coach, your up-line or your organization can help you put a 90-day plan together. Your plan will include goals and results in bite-sized chunks. Focus on your daily activity-head down and butt up-and the rest will magically take care of itself.

Personal Development

Mindset is important to success in MLM and Network Marketing. Truth is that many people struggle to get their head around their possible. Immerse yourself daily in quality personal development books, recordings or videos. Your coach or up-line can proportion what has impressed them and as you start to move in the circles of other network marketers you’ll hear more suggestions in addition.

specialized Development

How are your language skills, writing skills, telephone etiquette? How is your grooming? Do you know how to dress properly to inspire confidence? Do you manage your priorities and time well? These are all specialized skills that will further your success. Not everyone worries about this, including some very successful people, but having a specialized demeanor will help you build rapport with prospects faster and earn respect quicker than if you take the shorts and t-shirt, two-day stubble approach.

Product Knowledge

elements smell and stories sell. That’s the truth. Only on scarce event will you have a customer who demands the precise details of your product or service. Most of the time it’s testimonials that will sell your product. But you should nevertheless know your product or service inside and out. What makes it work, what makes it valuable, what makes it better than the competition and how to use it to solve your prospect’s problem.

Attend Events

In our modern age a lot of our business is done by conference call and webinar. Your goal is to move from event to event, taking your team with you. You are always building to the next phone call or internet event where there is an air of possible and success.

Attend Live Events

Internet marketing is great, but people buy from people. Every company has local, regional and national live events. These are great places to assemble your team, especially if you have used the internet to grow your business and have distributors flung all over the place. It’s basic for you and your team to meet people who have achieved success and recharge the enthusiasm you felt when you joined your business. It’s also a great way to see how successful people conduct themselves.

Be Consistent

MLM and Network Marketing is not a sprint. It’s a series of sprints (90-day plans). Maybe a better sports analogy is baseball where games are more often won with base-hits than grand-slams. You are better off to do a little bit each day than to do a lot all at once.

The stories that sell MLM and Network Marketing rule you to believe that you will get high overnight. It rarely happens. If you interview successful 6 & 7 figure earners you will learn that their “overnight” success took them several years. You’ll also find that they earned a respectable part-time income and later a complete-time income along the way.

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