Weather Conditions in dramatically Mozambique

The ideal positioning of Mozambique offers visitors a dramatically opportunity to holiday in one of the most temperate climates obtainable.

When planning a holiday, you can choose your seat on the plane; the hotel you will be staying in; and kind of car you will excursion while on holiday. Other aspects of the trip are not as easy to control – and can ultimately end up ruining an otherwise well-planned holiday: the weather. While we cannot control the weather, we can choose the time of year that we visit certain destinations. Mozambique is no different – however, the positioning of this chief piece of coastline method that visitors will not be disappointed with the weather conditions. Swimming, snorkeling, skiing, hiking and fishing are chief activities to partake in while visiting Mozambique; which has the perfect sunny climate to adjust to all outdoor activities.

Mozambique Weather: Deciding when to go

To make an informed choice, it is best to gather as much information about the destination as possible before booking flights or accommodation. In Mozambique, the summer months are from October to March. During this time, a very high level of humidity is experienced, and temperatures go beyond 30 degrees Celsius in many areas. The further inland one moves, the cooler it becomes – with the most humid areas found along the coast. From January to March, most of the summer rainfall occurs, and visitors are advised to pack clothing that is not only appropriate to the heat and humidity, but rainwear in addition. In February many of the island lodges close, as this time of the year is generally regarded as hurricane season.

The Best Months to Visit Mozambique

The weather in Mozambique is cooler and dryer between April and September, and it is advisable to visit Mozambique during this time. However, the South African school holidays coincide with a portion of this temperate weather (being April and September). During this time, the beaches and accommodation can become slightly crowded, and it is consequently recommended that this period is avoided by those who are traveling without children.

Clothing requirements when Dealing with the Weather in Mozambique

Due to the heat, humidity and rain, it is advisable to pack a range of clothing when visiting Mozambique. Lightweight cotton clothing is advised for daywear; and should you be spending any time in the sun, sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat are advised. Some additional warm clothing is also advised, as the nights can become quite cool. Additional precautions such as insect repellant should also be packed for evenings. A raincoat or other rainwear is also promoted during the rainy season; although the weather is never predictable, and it is advisable to pack rainwear for any trip throughout the year.

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