"Warning" Don’t Pay For Business Opportunity Leads

Put your check book up when it comes to purchasing business opportunity leads.

Let me tell you that rule brokers are worst than a used car sales man.

We all have purchased those double dipped chocolate coded verified leads that flat don’t work.

Plus, I have been sold leads where those people are sitting at home waiting on my call or wanting to join my business opportunity. Which did not work at all. I know how silly!

The fact is we don’t know how that rule was generated or what enticed them to leave their data.

The matter of the fact is marketing is all about targeting a market of people that are looking for what you have. It’s all about helping other people find what they are really looking for.

That is the best rule to have and it’s truly a easy sell.

You can use yourself out of network marketing purchasing trash data. I see and hear about it happening all the time. If your buying leads please ask yourself what is the return on investment with your data.

Ok, I will spill the beans…

Now, the best business opportunity rule to have to show case your business to in network marketing is the rule you generate. It is called a position rule!

How fast would your business or network marketing down line grow if people was contacting you?

You can generate people coming to you by positioning for free with the right information. I will be upfront with you and say that positioning is a craft of a art and science of marketing. Your Network Marketing business will explode when you master the powerful positioning method. Good luck!

I know how to have your phone blowing up with people calling you or your emailing overflowing with free position leads asking about your product / service or business opportunity.

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