Warning: Do Psychics Cheat? (And The Top Sign Your Psychic Is A Fraud)

Do psychics cheat? Are they guessing? Just making stuff up? Or are some psychics really, really good…..while others, simply can’t be trusted at all?

What are the TOP signs a psychic is a PHONY?

In my experience? Lots of leading questions is a big red flag. Lots of meandering questions….mixed in with lots of misses, is #2. (in other words, if you get the sense they are “fishing for answers” instead of offering HONEST inspired insights, it’s a good sign they probably are)

If psychic abilities are REAL, why do some cheat?

Because the reader in question is probably NOT one of them who has real skills! The truth is, in my 20 years of experience with intuitives of ALL types, only about 20% of the readers I’ve seen were good. (and often, when finding NEW psychics to test, less than that)

The good news?

Many in the small group of “good” psychics were AMAZINGLY good….and quite often, mind blowingly great! As a matter of fact, I’m certainly happy to go by a bunch of duds….to find that one reader who totally blows my mind, and transforms my reality. (which DOES happen when you speak to a psychic who really IS as good as advertised)

What is cold reading? Is that a sign that a psychic is cheating?

Good question…and absolutely, yes. Cold reading is the “technical” name that skeptics, and debunkers use to disparage psychic abilities. And while SOME do it (look for the “fishing for answers” warning above) the truth is, cold reading is super simple to identify, simply because you can tell someone is trying to guess…and isn’t really intuitive at all! (and it’s scarce that a cold reader is anything OTHER than obvious..:-)

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