Using Red Heart Cypress For Log Homes

A log home should be built to last generations, not just one lifetime. The best way to ensure your carefully planned and built log cabin home lasts by foul weather, seasons and natural decay is to use genuine red heart cypress logs for all your exterior siding and load bearing walls. Typically found along the southeastern coastal plain of the United States cypress trees can live up to 1000 years and grow to heights of over 100 feet. Centuries of adaptation have made red heart cypress naturally resistant to water and insects that is not found in other wood so the wood won’t need to be treated with chemicals and stains that can weaken the logs. With this lasting wood your log home will look great and be in great shape for generations to come.

Heart cypress, from the Bald cypress tree, is a early American tree that grows where land is submerged most of the time. Commonly found in the coastal southeastern United States these trees were forested throughout the 18th and 19th centuries by being cut and sent via river flotillas to mills for sawing and cutting. Cypress wood had to be slightly cut a year in improvement to allow enough moisture to escape so the logs could float. Red heart cypress quickly became known for its superior strength and durability and was used for many flooring, exterior siding and interior wall construction projects.

The red heart cypress features a thorough, high red tan color that adds a rustic quality to any log home exterior or interior siding. Other cypress trees can range from honey to light browns but the rare red tan of red heart is a popular choice for log home builders. Though this strong log takes longer to dry than white pine and other timbers the resulting resistance to decay, insects and decay is well worth the wait.

Having a naturally resistant wood is basic for the longevity of a log cabin home. Using cheaper wood will require expensive finishes and chemicals to protect the wood from rain, wind, shared outdoor debris and the long-term damage caused by termites. These products can truly weaken the logs over time and fail to prevent water causing decay on the insides. With red heart cypress your log home exterior has a natural and strong protect against many foul weather conditions and insects.

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