Understanding the Effects of Crystal Meth

Crystal meth, or methamphetamine, is a drug that falls in the amphetamine class of substances. Although the drug may create a very intense positive ‘feeling’ initially after use, the short and long term physical and mental effects can be devastating.

In nineteen eighty-nine, United States laws were produced to deter those who made and sold the drug within U.S. borders. The United States, already now, prosecutes those that already own or keep up equipment used to produce the lethal drug.

already as the federal government is working to keep people off this physically weakening drug, many nevertheless abuse the substance each day. One might ask, “if a drug is so physically unhealthy why would people continue to abuse it?”

There are immediate effects of crystal meth that keep individuals coming back for more. Although it may alter their physical turn up and literally decay the inside of their body, that immediate ‘good’ feeling becomes addicting.

That immediate feeling is caused by a release of dopamine into the body. This dopamine creates a feeling of happiness, pleasure or contentment. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way all the time? The problem is, this initial feeling has extremely unhealthy side effects. And, there are also other ways in which one can receive the same great feeling without the use of crystal meth.

How can one receive the same ‘good’ feeling crystal meth produces, without using crystal meth?

* Eating a healthy and filling meal

* Achieving goals that you have set for yourself

* Falling in, or being, in love

* Exercising for fifteen minutes every day

All of these actions can also release the same dopamine within the body, without the unhealthy side effects on the body and mind. What are some of the negative effects of using crystal meth?

* Open sores, wounds and scabs over all over the skin

* without of responsibility or accountability for one’s actions

* Feelings of aggravation or paranoia

* Foul, meat-like body odor that cannot be washed away

* Excessive secretion of foul smelling sweat

* Yellowed, blackened or loss of teeth

* underwater body and confront

* Grayish tint to skin

* Fines and/or imprisonment

While using crystal meth to mimic a ‘good feeling’ for a few seconds might sound alluring, the negative effects are an overwhelming list of ‘bad feelings’. Pleasure can be obtained by a plethora of other outlets, without having to abuse a substance such as crystal meth.

If you or somebody you know is dealing with the addiction or abuse of a substance, it is best to contact a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center closest. It’s never to late to begin to walk down a path of recovery.

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