What is an ulcer? Basically, an ulcer is an external or internal sore or lesion that is a sign of necrosis (death of the tissues at a cellular level). Most ulcers that plague people are called “gastric” ulcers which are internal in character. However, there are several kinds of ulcers and they include: decubitus ulcer, peptic ulcer, serpent ulcer, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcers, ulcerative colitis, bed sore, and canker sore (herpes).

Internal ulcers usually occur on the mucous membranes (the internal skin) in the gastrointestinal tract.

Peptic ulcers occur where the lining of the stomach have been deteriorated away due to extreme acidosis. Like peptic ulcers, duodenal ulcers, gastric ulcers, and ulcerative colitis occur in the digestive tract or gastrointestinal tract. However, gastric ulcers in the stomach are the most shared ulcers.

The symptoms of internal ulcers include inflammation (chronic burning), stomach pain, and bleeding (from the rectum). Internal ulcers are the consequence of ACID, too much acid in the body. And where does this acid come from? Answer: degenerate diet and lifestyle!

Eating meat, dairy, and starches all contribute to acidosis, for meat converts into URIC ACID, dairy converts into LACTIC ACID, and STARCH converts into CARBONIC ACID.

And lets not forget about the acidic beverages Americans greatly consume which plays a major role in acidosis – soda pop (which has a pH of 2 – GREATLY ACIDIC!), orange juice (processed and boxed); milk, Kool Aid; coffee and hot cocoa, various fruit punches, beer (devil’s brew), wine and other spirits to name a few.

And then there’s stress! Stress makes the body acidic. Stress is very detrimental to human health, but many people are under it due to being misaligned or disconnected with God, character and the Universe predicated upon finances (the without thereof), job insecurity and/or unhappiness, marital/relationship problems, living a lie or chronic lying; debt (credit cards, behind on the home mortgage or car observe, etc.); living unrighteous (fornicating, adultery, scheming, stealing, etc.), legal situations and litigation (usually as the defendant); and unemployment to list just a few of the things that causes stress.

You see, when you have to digest or course of action so much stuff in life, it usually results in digestive problems, that’s why gastric ulcers are the most shared form of ulcers.

Stress creates too much acid in the body. Stress and a very poor diet will undoubtedly rule to stomach or digestive problems and many times this will rule to headaches, bilious or migraine headaches. And what do most people take for headaches? Answer: drugs in the form of aspirin. Aspirin converts into ascetic acid and literally eats up your red blood corpuscles (just like white vinegar does). Aspirin is so caustic on the internal lining in the stomach and digestive tract that it literally burns a hole in the lining of the digestive tract causing gastric ulcers which ultimately leads to internal bleeding which many times is manifested in blood in the stools.

And eating and drinking acidic things does not help the situation, but only exacerbates the situation. This is why people with “acid reflux” usually are prescribed “antacids.” An antacid is an “anti” acid or that which counteracts acid. And what counteracts acid? Answer: ALKALINITY! Although the antacids are alkaline in character, they break down into the body as acids and further the problem. Antacids only “disguise” the problem (acidosis, ulcers), but does not heal the problem.

So now we have an idea of what causes ulcers, what can be used to heal ulcers?

Healing ulcers naturally

The best cure for healing ulcers, especially gastric (stomach) ulcers is a diet high in natural green foods – eating plenty of green cruciferous vegetables and drinking vegetable juice daily or as often as possible. Green foods are very healing! Parsley, kale, spinach, broccoli, cilantro, Roamine and green lettuce, watercress, asparagus, etc. are some of the best green foods obtainable. And remember, green foods are naturally antacid without any negative or negative side effects such as Tums or Rolaids and other OTC (over the counter) drugs.

Cabbage juice is probably the best moment healing cure for ulcers. I usually tell people experiencing from ulcers to drink 2-4 ounces of cabbage juice daily.

One day Stevie surprise called me and asked me to help a friend in dire need of help and healing from ulcers. Stevie’s friend was in Philadelphia, PA, a very long distance from California and needed help right away. I told the person to overdose on cabbage juice and watch the moment results. Two weeks went by and then I received a call from this person who was so elated and grateful and who told me the cabbage juice regimen worked wonders. His ulcer problem was gone! I told him to stay on that drink for preventative measures and to keep eating raw and green as long as he could.

Aloe vera juice is also excellent for healing of ulcers. Two ounces of aloe vera juice should be additional to each glass of drinking water. Aloe vera is very soothing to internal sores (ulcers) and also helps to stop internal bleeding.

The herbs White Oak Bark, Witch Hazel Bark, Goldenseal Root, Cranesbill (Alum Root), Shepherd’s Purse, Solomon’s Seal, Dragon’s Blood, Cayenne Pepper, and Manjistha help to stop internal bleeding, especially when used in combination with each other. However, Cayenne may cause irritation due to its natural heating effect and consequently should be used sparingly.

The herbs White and Black Willow Bark, Meadowsweet, Birch, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Spearmint, and Balm of Gilead can be used (as a tea) in place of anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin.

Stress reduction and elimination are mandatory in healing ulcers. The herbs Kava Kava, Valerian Root, Chamomile, Jatamansi, Blue Vervain, Lavender Flower and Passionflower are great nervine herbs that help in stress reduction and elimination.

Yoga/thorough breathing exercises, transcendental meditation, crystal therapy, positive thinking, aromatherapy (basic oils of Lavender, Bergamot, Neroli, Valerian, and Davana); Tai Chi, massage therapy, colon therapy, relaxation, thorough sleep, living righteously and standing on and for truth can all help to reduce or eliminate stress – Guaranteed!

DHERBS.Com provides five formulas that can physically help an ulcer sufferer. Our Ulcer Buster formula, Nervine formula, Bio-Salicin (Headache & Pain) formula, Digest-Aid, and Electric Greens Cell Food formula used during a short duration (in conjunction with a green foods diet and cabbage juice therapy) can help an ulcer sufferer rid him/her self of ulcers in a matter of days.

Ulcers are a degenerative disease which method they are a preventable and reversible disease and can be prevented or reversed by proper diet and lifestyle.

This health article is compliments of http://www.DHERBS.Com and Djehuty Ma’at-Ra, The People’s Herbalist


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