typical Game Review: Druid Commodore 64

typical Game Review: Druid Commodore 64

Development house Electralyte only has one product to their credit – Druid, released by Firebird on the commodore 64 almost 40 years ago. Dene Carter is “the man responsible for designing Druid, which was seemingly loosely based on a Games Workshop role- playing game. He’s also behind this sequel – essentially a beefed-up version of its predecessor, with 15 levels to analyze and 32 different spells to use.

Enlightenment is set 103 years after Hasrinaxx the Druid drove the evil Acamantor’s influence from the land of Belorn. But now the evil one has returned, and it’s up to the Druid to destroy his adversary once and for all. The action starts in the village of Ishmar, where zombies and skeletons attack on sight, and sometimes trees uproot and join the fray. The Druid disposes of his assailants by shooting them with bolts of electricity that drain his reservoir of charge – should electrical reserves run too low. The hero is unprotected as he waits for the reservoir to replenish. Spells are also obtainable for collection and use.

Just like the original, the screen scrolls around the Druid as he negotiates the maze-like features of the landscapes. Locked doors bar the routes from one area to another and bar access to next levels, but provide if a meaningful is in the inventory. The inventory comprises eight pockets and a keyboard-pushed pocket-select system that is used to pick things up, store them and bring them into use. When the action gets frantic, fumbling in your pockets for a useful item can prove frustrating.


Play ranges over ten lands and the five levels of Acamantor’s inner sanctum. The great outdoors features landscapes of desert and fire, rocky plains, woodland, swampland, water, caverns of Darkness, a poisonous land of fungus and an ice vicinity. This time, the Druid has a selection of four elemental that may be summoned as travelling companions, including the cumbersome clay Golem that accompanied him in the first game. There’s Wisp, a fast but ineffective Air Elemental, Phoenix, a Fire Elemental that is fast-moving but weakened by water and Kra- ken, the Water Elemental that is rendered ineffective by heat.

Spell strength and magic is the mainstay of any Druid, and this one is no exception. A multitude of magic, both offensive and defensive, is distributed around the play area including two different strengths of ‘Smart Bomb’ – Death light and Death land – which destroy most creatures within a limited range.

Lightning bolts are ten times more powerful than basic electric bolts and are very useful for dealing death. Opponents may be hampered by using spells such as the Crucifix or Turn Away spells which frighten creatures away, while the Slow spell prompts lethargy into attacking creatures, allowing you to outrun them. If keys are in short supply, the Door blast spell blows open all doors within a limited range, killing any nearby creatures in the time of action.


Short-term protective spells include the Fire protect (as its name suggest, it defends against fire), and the Armour spell that wards off the effects of minion attacks.

Casting the Teleport spell on a magic symbol transports the Druid to a corresponding symbol in a different area, while the Resurrection spell is perhaps the most useful identify of magic – it acts as a save game’ characterize, creating a gravestone when it is cast, allowing the Druid to reappear after death with complete strength.

Should energy levels of the Druid or his elemental be flagging, casting the right spell rejuvenate them, while if all around is dark the long-lasting Create Light magic causes the Druid to glow – a neat effect, similar to that seen in Ultimate Entombed.

Magical radar is obtainable in the guise of the Seeing Eye spell that discloses a glimpse of what’s around the corner, and two mysterious morsels of magic known as the Horn of Beacon and the Coin of Charon may be discovered later in the game. Finally, the most powerful spell of them all is the White Orb used to destroy Acamantor and reach Enlightenment.

This game is the pure typical in every single information because it has all the elements of a great game. My rating of this game is 5 out of 5.

If you are a fan of typical games this is a must have. Check in for more reviews.

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