Truth Of God! Understand That You Will Have What You Say

What are you saying with your mouth? This is because what you’re saying determines what you get or see in life. Truly, you are where you are presently because of the things you had said in the past. So, you can decide to restructure your life in the future by the words you are speaking today. Certainly, you shall have what you say.

So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have at all event he says – Mark 11:22-23 (NKJV).


Many of the blames, people are apportioning to other people, to the nation, government or family members are truly their faults, fruits of their lips. And the pits they are in, they dug with the words of their mouth. However, if you learn to watch your words and tailor them to align with God’s information, you will enjoy life.

Speak Only Your Desire

Say what you want to have and not what you have that you don’t want. Surely, people are inclined to declare what is happening around them. But the truth is that we can change negative situations by refusing to give them a voice and marketing. This is because what you don’t water will soon die; it’s just a matter of time.

however, you can plant and water positive things with your words. So, instead of agreeing with the evil, you cancel it with your words which agree with the information of God. Christ said that if you say to a mountain to remove and be cast into the sea, you will have at all event you say. And, if you believe that those things you say will come to pass, they will come to pass. So, say only what you want to see, already if the glaring situation is the very opposite of it.

Scriptural Examples

In Genesis chapter one, God produced the whole universe by the words of His mouth; He said them and they were so. Also, when the Shunammite woman’s child died and Elisha asked her if all was well, she answered that it was well. And that was what she got at the end, her child came back to life and she just went and picked him up.

Also, the scripture says that the ineffective should say that they’re strong. This method that while you’re ineffective, you are to say that you’re strong. This is because you shall have what you say. for example, if you are sick, you are to say that you’re healed by the stripes of Jesus instead of saying you’re sick.

How to speak and have what you say

1. You do it consciously

It’s easier to say the wrong things without giving it a thought. But, many times you have to consciously choose to say the right things. And you have to consciously search out the words of God concerning what you want, and speak.

2. In faith

You must say them believing that those things you’re saying will come to pass. However, if you have doubts while saying what you want, you will not receive anything from the Lord.

3. Consistently And Persistently

Speaking what you want to have is not a one-off thing; you have to be consistent and persistent. This helps your faith because the more you say it, the more you believe it. And it’s what you believe and say that you will have. Again, as you consistently and persistently say what you want to have, that mountain before you will spread, while God increases.

4. Till you have it

You don’t stop speaking what you want to have until you have it. This proves that you believe that God has done it, and it will not give the enemy gap to tamper with blessing. Furthermore, there are some issues that will need you to keep speaking already after receiving it. This will sustain it and keep the enemy far from taking it from you. for example, you’re to keep declaring total health over your life already when you’re not sick.

What you say in written form matters

It’s not only what you say with your mouth that you’re to guard, you also need to check what you write. This is because it’s what you’re saying, but this time on a writing material. And it will nevertheless have the same effect as when you say it with your mouth.

Complaining and murmuring

This is an attitude you shouldn’t have if you desire to see good all the days of your life. This is because you will eat the fruit of your lips, and murmuring and complaining attract the destroyer. Also, when you murmur or complain, you do it against God. And it shows your without of faith in God and His information, and this displeases the Lord. Again, as you murmur or complain, already so, do angels carry them out, already if you didn’t average them.


Indeed, you shall have what you say. Hence, many people are victims of their choice of words. consequently, diligently ensure that you choose your words well, and align them with the information of God. Also, be slow to speak but quick to hear; for this will save you and preserve your destiny in Christ. So, start to profess God’s information over your life and destiny, and speak forth your future from today.

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