Truck Insurance Leads: Finding Leads Online

One thing is for sure. If you’re a Truck Insurance Agency, your policyholders are your bread & butter. The more you quote, the more you write. Finding leads is your Holy Grail, and the Internet is a field ready to harvest! Is the Internet something you’re comfortable with, or is it a dark and scary place complete of unknowns? One thing you know for sure… There’s money to be made online! Leads to be found! Prospects to be grown! Want your piece of the pie? Who wouldn’t? But how? Finding your Truck Insurance Leads online is easier than you might expect.

Whether you’re a Net Whiz or a Net Newbie, harnessing the possible of the Internet to serve your Truck Insurance Agency is an incredible windfall. Imagine not having to use your time and energy searching (or paying!) for leads? Why not let your possible insured find YOU on the Internet?

How it’s Done & Where to Start

  • Build a Website. Chances are, you already have a website. If you don’t, take heart… it’s not that difficult to set one up. You can do it yourself and there are a lot of Helpful Hosts out there — names you’ve probably heard, like “great number Gator” or “Go Daddy.” The cost is minimal, especially when you compare it to paying someone to do all the work for you. Having someone do all the work may sound good, but why pay someone to have all the fun? Besides, who knows better how you want to be represented than… YOU? After a short learning curve, you’ll be proficient, your insured will be impressed, and she’ll brag about her Tech-Savvy Agent in all the truck stops from Maine to San Diego.
  • Set Up a “Capture” Form. When a possible insured visits your site (probably a few months prior to his expiration date) a place should be obtainable for him to go into his contact information. An “auto responder” encased into your site will notify you that you’ve been contacted. You might want to include an “Info Page” for your rule to fill out. Not too specific! Just general information, like 1) How many trucks are you running? 2) What commodities do you haul? 3) DOT Number (you can look your prospect up on prior to contacting him.) Why not too specific? Because you need to ask your Client-to-Be these questions yourself! Long-term Agent/Insured relationships are exactly that — relationships! And they need to be initiated and grown by you!
  • excursion Traffic to your Website. There are a multitude of companies who offer to excursion traffic to your site and get you up in the Google rankings — for a price. Are they any good? Maybe. But you won’t know for certain until after you’ve made the investment, which can be substantial. Is that where you want to use your hard-earned commission dollars? Learning to excursion customers to your website YOURSELF is quite do-able. Terms like “Keyword Research,” “Search Engine Optimization (SEO),” “Embed Codes,” may be intimidating to a Newbie — like a foreign language. Remember when “Bobtail/Non-trucking,” “Deadheading,” and “LTL, OTR, & SSR” made you glaze over? But to be a Truck Insurance Specialist in the first place, you’re not unintelligent! A little time invested now will have incomparable rewards (ka-ching!) later.

Marketing on the Internet is here! Do you know a trucker who doesn’t leave home without her laptop in the cab, or a trucking company who doesn’t depend on at the minimum one computer? As they do their searches for “Truck Insurance Quotes,” you have a vested interest in seeing that your agency pops up on page 1. consequently, you have a vested interest in learning how to make that happen!

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