Top Success Tips in IELTS Writing Task 2

Top Success Tips in IELTS Writing Task 2

The topic given must be read carefully so as to decide what category it best fits in. A particular topic may be appropriate for attempting like a argue. For example it could be argumentative and a candidate has to adopt a view either to agree or disagree by it. Take for example the topic which says ” The rural people need to migrate to cities for their bright prospects in future”

Firstly after reading it make sure you are aware of advantages for migrating people to cities and its disadvantages and also the interests of the city population. Now you should be taking one of the sides. Be either in favor or against the motion. It is up to a student’s choice. However it is highly recommended that larger interests should be kept in mind. So the better approach is to go against the verdict.

The reason for such choice is there is abundant scope to write lots of ideas about harms of over population and lots about cities faced with problems of urbanization and shortagen of facilities.

Prepare to write at the minimum four paragraphs in this matter. The first use should be around thirty five words and there is no need to worry if it goes to forty to forty two words at maximum. In the first use the ideas presented should be taken as neutral to both views. It can present a general trend visible like migration to cities. At this point don’t use personal views of your own. Try to be objective. For example to write, A city has always been an attractive destination for village people who feel they might carve their better future living with all facilities. And however, cities have multiplied in population and chances of unemployment have risen. The third point can be, although migration has thousand years history but conditions have changed since then in a emotional way.

Write the second use which should mirror or express the views of your opponents. Let your mind for a while give chance to write as the people would feel while approving the idea to migrate to cities. Make sure to present ineffective ideas on their part which at the most could be only assumptions or beliefs instead of facts. For example, people favoring to migrate to cities feel, they would adjust very well and enhance their economy. Be sure you are aware this point is ineffective as you know that these are only wish fulfillment ideas and truth may be bitter. Present such four to five ideas with ineffective points. This will prepare a ground for you to effectively encounter them by your strong arguments in the third use.

The third use must have yourself expressed mentioning like, I strongly disapprove, I believe, I feel dreaming is not reality etc. The use should be aimed at falsifying and countering the ineffective ideas propagated by favoring expressions. Be careful not to mention words like ‘they, who, or persons or words referring to persons ‘like in second use. Rather the target should be the ideas to counter. For example, the idea to enhance one’s future in a new place invites trouble in adjustment and the fact is cities are expensive than rural areas to live and hence not a wise choice. Here there is no mention of person or referring words to persons. It is only ideas countering ideas. Take ideas of third use one by one and counter them convincingly.

In the fourth use which is a sum up, it is best to use words referring to persons like He, she, they, etc as if being addressed by you. Here a student can use ‘I’ am deeply convinced that people merely acting out of ambitions and dreams may land people in trouble when faced with reality.Shifting to cities proves upsetting the balance between villages and cities. Rather the need is to develop villages on city lines. If all move to cities, it would look like a colony of termites in congested places and city beautiful could turn into city filth which no one likes.

Such a form writing is focused on argumentative topics and like other categories should not go beyond two hundred and fifty words.

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