Tiny studio flat that agent describes as “petite” for rent at £450-per…

A TINY studio flat that agents describe as “petite” has been listed for rent at £450-per-month.

The compact apartment in Southampton, Hampshire is approximately 8ft x 6ft in the living and sleeping area.

Images show the main room – consisting of living room, bedroom and kitchen – with a single bed, small bedside cabinet, mini kitchen and fold up desk.

There appears to be no room for a fridge, washing machine or already anywhere to hang up clothes.

Sleeping lounging and eating is done in this area. (C). MYA character Ltd

An Elfin kitchen is placed in the corner and equipped with two hob cookers, two cupboards, and a small sink.

Beneath is one cupboard, a microwave and two drawers for cutlery.

Two pull out drawers under the bed offers possible tenants room for some of their belongings.

A small bathroom with a small sink, toilet and shower is located in the modest rental which is just across the road from Royal South Hants Hospital.

One window offers natural light into the unfurnished room.

Estate agents MYA character Ltd listed the rental on the market on Wednesday (11 MAY), saying “Petite studio flat near town centre.

The shower room is tight, but modern. (C). MYA character Ltd

“Private shower room.

“Elfin kitchen with two hobs and a convection microwave.

“No parking.

“Electric, water are included in the rent.”

House-browsers have been left baffled by the cosy character.

One said: “Smallest flat in the UK?”

Another wrote: “I can imagine the estate agency staff p*g themselves laughing.

There does not appear to be a fridge in the kitchen. (C). MYA character Ltd

“I’m surprised ‘hobbit like’ didn’t make it in there.”

A third commented: “Oh blimey that is depressing.”

A fourth additional: “Being Southampton I would have thought student digs, right? Right?”

While one joked: “‘Petite’, ‘elfin’, someone’s got their thesaurus out.”

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