This is the only calendar page for January you’re going to need


If you aren’t familiar with the work of Matt Shirley, this is a good time to put that right. His comedy charts are unfailingly marvellous and we could all do with something reliable in our lives right now.

Here are some past favourites –

This made us feel seen.

Anybody who has ever looked up a recipe online will be nodding at this one.

We strongly speculate that this explains why most people send messages.

See what we average? He never misses.

If you’ve been feeling discombobulated about facing 2022, don’t worry – Matt has it covered.

If anybody has any suggestions for things to do beside eat, we’d be happy to hear them.

Unfortunately for readers not in the USA, you don’t already have Martin Luther King Day to look forward to. Sorry.

You can find Matt’s work on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and his own website, and we recommend that you do.

Happy New Year.


This schedule for December works for everyone who celebrates Christmas – almost

Source Matt Shirley Image blende12 on Pixabay, Matt Shirley

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