This boss’s U-turn on a new hire’s holiday request got thoroughly the re…

Poke Staff. Updated May 10th, 2022

Over to the corner of Reddit called ‘antiwork’ where people proportion stories of bosses you’re really rather glad you don’t work for.

This one was slightly different to the usual because it was shared by the boss, who seemed not to get why their new hire promptly quit after she did this.

‘She honestly doesn’t get it?!’ said Redditor HistrionicSlut who shared this tale from Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole?’ subReddit.

And they got thoroughly the responses they deserved.

‘Dumb ass. Lol.

‘She was honest about it up front. If the boss couldn’t adjust to, she shouldn’t have hired.’

‘Prospective new hire: I can accept this job on this condition.

‘Manager: Ok, I’ll work that out, you’re hired.

‘Manager: truly no, I can’t meet that condition.

‘New Hire: Very well, I cannot accept this job.

‘Manager: ‘

‘Yeah this whole “if you’re a new hire, you’re last for vacation” is complete bullshit.

‘Everywhere I’ve worked, if you’re informing them of a vacation during the interview course of action and they nevertheless hire you, then you get that time off (already if it’s unpaid, which is shitty but nevertheless).’

‘Lacey deserves a high five for how she handled it.

‘Try to fuck me on vacation? Nope, bye bitch. And already had a job lined up!
In a better world this manager wouldn’t have a job.’

‘A vacation request is more a request for the company to find coverage because I’m not showing up.’

‘Asshole? Yes. I hired a guy to help end the winter season. He was up front that his vacation flight home, was the Thursday after Easter. Easter was our original close date, but it was extended for another week.

‘He left on that Thursday as planned. Why? Because he already had plans & money invested. He’s nevertheless employed for the summer, because I’m not an asshole.’


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