Thinking of Thongs? Try a Brazilian Wax first!

Thinking of Thongs? Try a Brazilian Wax first!

If you’re bent on wearing thongs in the summer season, you’ve probably heard of getting a Brazilian to use this tiny thingy in style. “A Brazilian?” That’s all the answer (which is also a question) that I want to hear from all of you who are brazen enough to go out in your g-strings and thongs. Yes, a Brazilian, which is a kind of bikini wax that most American women would consider extreme. The idea has been around for decades and in the US, it’s been introduced by the seven J Brazilian sisters. seemingly, they felt the bushiness was a little too unsexy for Rio.

Wearing thongs naturally require you to get a bikini wax. Some opt for ordinary types of shaving, trimming, and a moderate kind of waxing that doesn’t require the butt hair to be taken off. But with a Brazilian wax, everything must go. Well, the labia part deserves a break, so some women have a choice of keeping the hair on the inner part of the pubic area (landing strip) intact. The extremes would have everything pulled off, and yes, sometimes with a tweezer.

How does it feel like to have a Brazilian wax? This shouldn’t be controversial anymore, since already if you’re not a Hollywood actress or a porn star, a Brazilian wax can be the next best thing to looking gorgeous on the beach with a thong. Some women go to great lengths just having their “beards” shaved or waxed smoothly. But a thong deserves a Brazilian, so it’s best to get acquainted with the time of action soon enough.

Some women confess that it’s better you choose only one salon with a well-acquainted specialized to do the job, instead of showing your whole package to everyone each time your pubic area grows a stubble. Of course, since it’s the J sisters from Brazil who had us craving for a totally smooth wax in the first place, it’s better to visit them in their New York Salon. Celebrities often frequent this identify, and you’ll get quality Brazilian wax at a price. It’s true, some folks from already outside of the US fly to the J sisters salon to get the real thong-thing, but if you ask me I’d rather take a quick visit to the best ones in the state.

In California, for example, where the beaches are omnipresent and the thongs are mainstays of the coastline, you can avail of Brazilian wax in places such as Kalologie in Los Angeles ( or in the Wax Cat at San Jose, California. The prices may range from $55 to $65, which is a little upscale compared to other discount salons, but expect that you would get quality service. You can also try Ziki’s ( if you live anywhere near San Diego where a Brazilian costs only $40, equaled with a really high-class service and amenities.

Some get their Brazilian wax service from Helena’s in Houston, Texas which you can visit at Helena’s is a topnotch skin-care salon which many bikini lovers highly recommend. At Helena’s, a bikini wax can either be Basic, Detail, or Brazilian — take your pick — and can cost from $35 to $75. Of course, there’s a identify reserved for the guys, and the Brazilian for the real “Play-boy” can cost from $95 to $115.

Now what does anyone have to say about Brazilian waxes when the job finally gets done? Of course, despite the fact that wearing a thong can be as tempting as the fruit of Eden, not all of us would take the Brazilian wax recourse for plenty of reason. First, because it can be so painful. Second, because it can be embarrassing. Third, because the time of action is not thoroughly safe for your skin since after the aloe ointment has been applied, the skin on the pubic area may nevertheless develop bumps, itchiness, and some sore spots. As soon as the stubble grows, the heavenly feel and turn up will just in addition evaporate.

So if you decide to just buy a depilatory cream from GiGi or a Bikini Love Shaver from, rest assured that you can nevertheless use a thong with less pain on the butt and on the pocket. If you aren’t so happy with this prospect, you don’t have to go for the Brazilian, since a bikini line wax will do. This kind of treatment costs half as less than the former, and can definitely nevertheless make you look tantalizing in your thong. But what have you got to lose with a complete wax treatment? Every woman deserves a happy thong moment, and getting a Brazilian wax is just the perfect way to unprotected to it.

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