The Psychology of Coffee Mug Selections

In most households we find items that decorate the walls such as paintings and prints that please our eyes and minds. This is just part of the time of action of living our lives. In our lives we would probably never consider hanging a blank sheet or canvas in a picture frame on any of our walls within our living areas. Though the frame may, within its own right, be a work of art but the inside of the frame is totally blank and it doesn’t look well hanging on that wall. Not until a picture or print of some sort is placed in that frame will it look appropriate.

Now we have in our cupboards a lot of dishes such as plates and coffee mugs. These are usually plain, undecorated items that are used only for the holding of drinks such as coffee or hot chocolate usually. So what if you had all of your mugs decorated with something of beauty? Wouldn’t that be something to look at or show off when you have family or company over for snacks or beverages?

We hear what you are saying. You’re probably saying the cost is way too high. In reality it isn’t that high. The average coffee mug of any quality will cost about $3 to $4 each. To add a custom decoration, such as a family photo or something, would have an initial cost of about $28.00 to $55.00 for the setup needed to develop that first mug. Then the cost would be about $8.95 to $10.95 depending upon what you want. Then you can get these quality coffee mugs for as low as $6.95 each for as long and in as large a quality per you desires. In fact if you order large quantities, such as promotional mugs for customers that do business with or that could do business with your company or organization. There is no better and cheaper advertisement than a single coffee mug being held by someone in a crowd that has a company logo and name on it. Multiply this by say, 100 people doing the same thing and you have a good advertisement campaign going for your company. Your presence in the community by individuals that have received one of your promotional cups can generate a lot of identification of your company in their minds and some may already want one of your decorated mugs. This will rule to an increase in your sales if you sell to the public at large.

Now in your homes you have a lot of coffee mugs and other associated mugs that are, in reality, decorating your home already though they are plain and probably either all the same colors or a combination of different colors. How many times have you picked up a mug from within a group of mugs in a cupboard where there was a lot of them and among them is a single mug or so that has a name and a logo on it and you pick that on most of the time. You do this out of a subconscious desire to have something in your hand that is definitely not just another plain mug. The decorated mug tends to put your mind and your eyes at peace with it being in your presence which is part of our human psychic.

So if you had a chance to have a cupboard complete of coffee mugs that have pictures or designs on them would that make your life more pleasurable for you? How about a collection of cups that has the flag of your country of origin or a flag of your country where you now reside in your cupboard? Then when you have visitors these mugs would be a good subject for a conversation about their value to you and how they serve you personally. In addition you may be interested only in a coffee mug set that has artistic features or ones that present a little comedy for your quests. This is also a conversation starter.

There are sites out there that have such mugs obtainable. Ours is one of the many and we offer a complete selection of coffee mugs, especially those that have the flags of the many countries on this earth. We can provide coffee mugs for you that can have your logo and business name on them. Drop us an email and we will respond to find out your needs.

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