The Latest Models At RC Hobbies Stores

The Latest Models At RC Hobbies Stores

The latest technology obtainable at any RC hobbies stores sale will amaze you. The radio control hobby is experiencing a technological dramatical change along with the rest of the world. The latest advances have produced much more complicate devices and enabled them to do an ever-evolving number of stunts. Better batteries, tools and other accessories are also obtainable at your closest RC hobby store.

You should not miss an opportunity to check out the selection at any RC store. The variety of radio-controlled vehicles can be divided into three groups. These are the land vehicles, the airplanes and the exciting new versions of helicopters.

Radio-Controlled Land Models

Among the latest in land means models is the Slash 4 x 4, made by Traxxas. This powerful RC means will remind you of the strength and excitement in short-course racing. This means has profited from a lot of updating. It has been upgraded with a new chassis and a 3500kV brushless motor. The radio system on which it roles is now a powerful 2.4GHz system.

When you are in an RC hobby store do not miss a chance to see the new ARRMA Fry. Ask the store clerk if you can take it for a test spin. You will be shocked speed and strength of this form. The MEGA 15T brushed motor that comes with all these models can strength it up to more than 30mph. The manufacturers made it versatile. The MEGA ESC is water proof and the controls can be easily changed back and forth from right-hand to left-hand use.

Radio-Controlled Airplane Models

The extent form of the Phoenix Edge 540 is a dream come true for RC hobbyists into aerobatics. This nimble plane comes in two sizes, each with exquisite details that remind you of the real thing. Both models were designed by a real, world-class aviator and you will know that is true when you try your first aerobatic venture with one of these sweet form planes.

Most unbelievable of all is the G-44 Widgeon, produced by ElectriFly. Built to resemble a bush plane, this 51-inch form can land on water in addition as land, all under your control. The similarity on detail and construction is incredible. It comes with hinged ailerons to enhance and press your control of the device.

Radio-Controlled Helicopters

The Raptor 30, made by Thunder Tiger, will stun you with its performance. This form helicopter comes with the gyros already in place. You will only need to mount the engine and prepare the receiver before you are ready to have some fun.

When you pick up your next RC form, do not forget to buy some of the crucial accessories and take advantage of the deals obtainable out there. Whether you need the traditional sealed rule acid batteries or have bought something that runs on the lithium or nickel-cadmium variety, any RC store will be prepared to help you. Do not let money get in your way. If you buy on the Internet, many stores offer payment plans.

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