The iPhone Review

The iPhone Review

The new iPhone from Apple made its debut in June of 2007. For months we have heard about this newest creation from Steve Jobs. Cell phones used to be just for calling people but now, there isn’t anything that you cannot do on the iPhone. Let’s take a look at some of the features that the iPhone has.

It does make calls, which seems to be the least of this digital technology. The phone has the capabilities that include conference calling, call holding, call merging and caller ID. A characterize that cannot be found on any other phone, at the minimum not in addition is Visual Voicemail. This newest characterize offers the user to see the voicemail messages left by callers. This characterize was designed to help the caller see the message without going into voicemail.

You can customize your own ringtone from iTunes. This phone provides a keyboard, which can be used to text in addition as send emails or surf the World Wide Web. The Internet connection included a local Wi-Fi connectivity. But the technology doesn’t stop there. There is an iPod built into the phone, you can use the Cover Flow characterize, which allows you to see what music by album covers you have on your iPod.

The iPhone has a 2.0 Mega pixel and uses a 1.1.2 OS X. The iPhone has a Flash memory of 4 to 8 GB. The drawback to the iPhone is the price. The phone is priced at $ 399 for 8 GB,which is a $200 drop from its starting price

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