The Importance of Building With Termite Barriers

The Importance of Building With Termite Barriers

As a stand-alone method of termite control, termite resistant materials are not a appropriate different for a proven and effective termite control obstacle. A recently conducted national Australian survey on termite damage reports that costs associated with termite infestation have escalated to an astonishing $780 million per annum.

These figures break down to $6000 damage on average per home or $41 for every man, woman and child nationally. This survey did not allow substitute costs of furniture, carpet, electrical damage or personal belongings such as books and photo albums.

A Termite Experience

Allan Burman, from Allan’s Self Storage in South East Queensland had a close encounter with termites occupying part of his storage facility along with a client’s personal belongings.

One year after the completion of building the storage facilities, active termites were detected in one of the storage units. In the planning stage of construction no consideration had been given to termite control due to the fact that all building materials were termite resistant.

The storage discarded proved a good food source, with furniture and cardboard boxes complete of personal belongings, creating a perfect ecosystem for termite activity. Termites attained access into the storage area by unprotected chief filled block walls and construction joints.

Thankfully the termite infestation was detected early and the little damage was contained.

Termite infestation had the possible to cost Allan’s company many thousands of dollars in lost future business – Insurance companies do not cover contents contained in any structure if damaged by termites. An effective termite control system was urgently required.

Allan considered a termite obstacle to be the most reliable and effective method which would allow him peace of mind.

A termite obstacle system was retrofitted throughout the complicate to prevent hid access by termites – a costly and time-intensive solution which could have been avoided with the installation of a termite obstacle in the storage areas initial construction.

A physical termite obstacle is made from ultra marine grade stainless steel mesh that keeps termites out without the use of toxic chemicals.

Seven years on, Allan is building his second Self Storage Facility at a cost of $2,000,000 and is very conscious of ensuring both the structure and the contents are well protected from termites.

In this case, a termite obstacle is being installed as part of the building contract. When asked for his reasons in choosing a termite obstacle solution, Allen spoke of wanting to protect his investment and business reputation with an anti-termite system that is proven to work.

It’s estimated that over 200,000 homes across Australia use a termite obstacle to protect themselves from the costly financial burden that can come with termite infestation. It’s definitely worth looking toward the future and protecting yourself against the damage of termites when building a new home or office.

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