The Hideaway Elliptical Machine

Losing a few pounds can not only make you healthier, it can make you feel better about yourself too. But as many of us know, losing weight requires lots of exercise along with a healthy diet. While getting up and going for a run is a good option sometimes you just don’t feel like it. You could always go for a few more minutes of sleep or maybe the weather is uncooperative. However with the hideaway elliptical machine, it’s no problem to get some exercise in the comfort of your own home.

This elliptical machine is a low-profile training machine that is only 24-1/2″ (L) x 17″ (W) x 11-1/4″ (H) and can be hidden away. That’s right it can easily be stored in a closet or already under your bed when you’re not using it. complete-sized elliptical trainers tend to be large and take up space but the hideaway elliptical will be out of your way. Its compact size takes less space already if it isn’t hidden away.

The hideaway elliptical also has the advantage of not having handholds. Your regular elliptical machines are equipped with handholds to help keep your balance. While this is a nice characterize it does have the disadvantage of not giving your abdominal muscles much of a workout. Since the hideaway elliptical machine doesn’t have handholds you are forced to use your abs to keep your balance consequently working them at the same time.

The hideaway elliptical features an LCD panel that shows you how many strides you make per minute along with your total number of strides. It individually displays total time you have been exercising and the number of calories you burned. If you want a more intense workout it is simple to increase the resistance. Just turn the tension dial to increase or decline your effort. Working out will be fun and easy and not take up space with the hideaway elliptical machine.

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