The Final Product Of Biomass Energy

The Final Product Of Biomass Energy

Utilization of biomass as an different energy source has attracted people to promote its use. This is caused by a decline in fossil energy reserves. This is a dangerous point for energy security in the last decade.

To avoid future energy crises, they began to increase use of replaceable energy supplies such as biomass. More than that, the use of fossil fuels increases the concentration of sulfur and greenhouse gases in character.

Governments in various countries around the world have adopted policies popular to the use of biomass as an energy different. So that industry players will get a subsidy from the government.

Biomass can be used as energy with a wide variation. Utilization of biomass produces electricity, heat for industrial facilities, home heating and fuels means.

Conversion of biomass for energy is called bio-energy. This conversion can be achieved with some solutions that thermochemical and biochemical technologies. Thermochemical course of action is divided into three technology solutions are combustion, gasification and pyrolysis.

To understand the meaning of each Technology solution, we can learn from the final product On combustion, have the final product steam, course of action heat and electricity energy. Each has its own kind of function. Steam can be used to excursion steam engines, while the heat can be used for processing in the chemical industries.

The final products of electric can be used more flexibly. This product of gasification is the steam, the time of action of heat, electrical energy and methane gas fuel and hydrogen. Methane and hydrogen can be used as a fuel cell system. This system is increasingly popular as the technology of the future.

Pyrolysis technology solutions, has the final product is charcoal, coal and bio-gas fuel. Charcoal and bio-coal can be an analogy as coal but more environmentally friendly. This is because emissions from the production of bio-coal and charcoal lower than coal. Biochemical course of action produces anaerobic digestion the technology solution. This technology has the final product of ethanol, water for irrigation, compost and biogas.

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