The Differences Between Electric Pedal Cars

The Differences Between Electric Pedal Cars

Pedal cars have come a long way in the past few years. When I was younger I had a pedal go kart, and I loved it, but I was always disinctive about the electric versions that started to appear. I never wanted one though as I knew the batteries died fast and they wouldn’t go anywhere near as quick as my little legs could pedal. But now times have changed and electric pedal cars do last a lot longer on a complete charge and can travel quicker than leg strength, but with so many different options now which is the right one for your child?

When it comes to strength there are 3 main options that you have. Each option is great depending on what the car will be used for and the child using the car. The first strength option you have is 6 volt strength. This is the lowest strength obtainable in an electric pedal car, but that doesn’t average it doesn’t work well. These cars are fantastic for young children who may not be able to control more strength. They run well on flat hard ground so are great for your child to use alongside you as you walk to a friend’s house or a local store. They do however not work well on grass on inclines, so if you believe your child may be using the car in the back yard it may not be the best option for them.

The second option is a 12v electric pedal car. These cars have twice the strength and will go much faster. These cars can usually go between 5 – 8 mph, that’s the jogging speed of an adult! Because of the additional strength they also perform much better on grass and will go up most inclines that your child will encounter with ease. These cars are also usually larger than the 6v cars and may also have other features such as movable seats.

The third option is the most powerful; rated at 24v these cars can carry some speed. They often max out at about 15 mph and are usually larger vehicles that in a lot of situations can seats 2 children. Because of the high max speed most will have a speed limiter built in so the car does not get too fast while going down a decline. They have no trouble at all running on grass or on gravel and will almost always have features like movable seats. These cars are best for older children who can manager the strength. Remember 15 mph is fast and it is next to impossible to jump up and stop these cars yourself.

Electric pedal cars are freely obtainable so carefully decide what you need in your car, think about where the car will be used, how will be using it, and the capabilities of your child. No matter which car you decide to buy it will be a lot of fun and you child will find years of enjoyment.

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