The Dangers of Construction Site Injuries

There is no doubt that construction sites are very busy places. They can also be very dangerous places. All construction sites must comply with OSHA regulations intended to minimize the risks and it is true that the number of accidents on construction sites is diminishing. Unfortunately though regulations are not always followed, or not firmly enough and all kinds of accidents occur every day. Let us take a look at some of the more shared injury risks involved with construction sites.

Falls from heights make up 1/3 of fatalities on construction sites. Incorrectly erected scaffolding, open sides and floor holes, unsecured ladders and unguarded steel bars (resulting in impaling) are all shared risks. By law scaffold erection must be overseen and checked by a ‘competent’ person. It is amazing how often this is not done though.

Falling Objects
All manner of tools and heavy equipment can come falling from above and a hard hat is not always enough protection. If a construction area has not been correctly fenced off, or something falls from a crane that reaches beyond the scope of the site passers-by can also be hit by falling objects.

Excavation and Trenching Accidents
Cave-ins can and do occur. If material is mounded up too close to the edge it can also fall back in causing serious injury. The risk of death to construction workers in trenching and excavation sites is considered to be 112% higher than in any other area.

Exposed high voltage overhead or underground strength lines can easily consequence in death. Faulty strength tools or leads are also responsible for electrocution injuries as are exposed wires that have been left live.

Chemical injuries
Construction sites are often complete of dangerous chemicals. Over exposure to some of these can rule to injury as can inhalation and sometimes explosions or fires.

Exertion injuries
Back injuries from heavy and incorrect lifting are among the most frequent. All manner of RSI injuries from repetitive work are also shared.

Heavy Equipment
Many injuries can be caused by heavy equipment in all manner of ways. Machinery may be faulty or topple over. Carelessness with cranes results in many injuries. Forklifts and skid steers are other shared accident causers.

Fire and Explosions
While less shared there is always the risk of fires and explosions, mainly from faulty equipment or chemicals.

Injuries can range from bumps and bruises, broken bones, back injury, spinal cord injury, cuts, amputations, burns, poisoning and death. Minor accidents usually heal up quickly. More harsh injuries may average days, weeks, months or more off work, with mounting medical bills. Some workers may never be able to return to the same job again.

Workers compensation may be a help but very often a good personal injury lawyer can work aggressively to get the complete level of compensation a worker deserves. Negligence may well be found to be the fault of employers, character owners, machinery manufacturers, or other third parties. It is basic that anyone injured on a construction site seeks medical help closest. They should then seek legal advice to see if they may have a case.

This article is not legal advice.

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