The Best Golf Clubs for a Beginner

The Best Golf Clubs for a Beginner

That’s why finding the right set of golf clubs for a beginner is so important.

The best beginner golf sets have at the minimum one driver, two woods, one putter, one hybrid, two wedges and seven irons.

When you’re looking for a beginner set of golf clubs, you’ll want to consider the quality of the clubs, the cost of the package and the variety of features. For example, you don’t want to buy high end used clubs for a beginner if the stiff irons and high-difficulty driver will only make the game harder for you to learn.

A better approach may be to use a set of simpler, less fancy clubs to get a hang of the game and get comfortable with the motions.

Golf clubs can be bought new or used. In my opinion, the beginner golf club sets that will popularity completely to new golfers are as follows:

My best overall is the Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set, Prior Generation (18-Piece). The Callaway Men’s Strata is a popular and beloved set of golf clubs for two reasons: It’s complete and all of the clubs are great. Beginners will especially like the “forgiving” 3- and 5-woods, which can help you easily get out of thorough fairway trouble. Callaway explains that the clubs in this set are concentrated on distance, ball control and forgiveness – all top qualities a beginner needs. The 18-piece set comes with a nice, standing golf bag, a 460cc driver, two fairway woods, two hybrids, four irons, two wedges, a putter, lightweight stand bag and several headcovers. This set is comprehensive, but there are also similar 16- or 12- piece Strata sets in addition, also good for beginners. Simply put: The Callaway Strata is a complete set of great clubs that will assistance any beginner.

If you want the best value my suggestion is the Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Standard (Prior Generation). Wilson offers a complete, standard set of clubs, which gives beginners everything they need to play golf but doesn’t require the investment of a top tier set. The Ultra set includes a driver, a 3-wood, a 4 hybrid, irons 5 by 9, a pitching wedge and a putter. This set uses steel shafts and standards grips and is designed for men shorter than 6’2″. The clubs proportion a stylish black, gold and silver design that will make beginners look like pros on the course in no time. The set is specifically geared to beginners. Although it may not have the versatility that more experienced golfers want, the lasting Ultra set delivers a great return on investment and can last for a long time.

If you want to go the used route I recommend going to the brick and mortar stores such as Golf Galaxy, PGA Superstore and Golfsmith and looking at their used clubs and talking with their sales people. They will let you try out the clubs and you can putt on their putting surfaces. This can help you to get the feel of the clubs, etc.

I hope this article has helped you to find the best golf clubs for a beginner.

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