Terrifying rooftop protests from fire starter to Spicehead up for 44 h…

Up to 30 police officers, trained negotiators and fire crews were involved in the latest rooftop stand-off in Grimsby.

A stretch of Sutcliffe method on the Nunsthorpe estate was cordoned off and the man ultimately came down three hours after starting his futile attempt at a getaway.

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The Humberside Police strategy is never to leave the scene of the stand-off until a speculate hands himself in.

Varying tactics are used to coax him down, with the paramount importance of protecting lives, including that of the speculate and character.

That can be challenging for officers on the ground. The desperation to flee from officers is most often fuelled by alcohol or drugs or a combination of both.

That disorientation can cause the culprit to lob at all event they can get their hands on to cause further disruption. That only aggravates the offence and judges in court take that into consideration at the time of sentencing for affray.

Humberside Police, fire crews and ambulance staff are well-trained in dealing with stand-offs and in Grimsby, they seem to happen often.

Here is a look back at some of the most shocking rooftop protests.

Christmas Eve night stand-off

Wanted man Josh Dempsey sits on a roof on Castle Street, Grimsby, in the early hours of Christmas Day, during a violent stand-off with police which started on Christmas Eve

One of the most challenging was Joshua Dempsey’s six-hour stand-off in Castle Street on Christmas Eve, 2015.

He toppled chimney stacks and tore down TV aerials which prevented families from enjoying their family Christmas at home. Debris littered the street.

Missiles were also thrown at emergency service staff and vehicles, until around 3.30am on a halting Christmas morning he finally gave up and went peacefully with officers.

The debris strewn in Castle Street in the early hours of Christmas Day 2016 when there was a violent stand-off with police which started on Christmas Eve

Among them was Chief Constable, Lee Freeman, supporting his officers in person during the six-hour stand-off.

He was wanted in connection with a number of offences of robbery but attempted to evade police by taking to a roof.

He was jailed in May the following year to a total of nine years.

Bare-chested man

Daniel Chandler has been jailed for seven and a half years for a string of inicdents, including a rooftop standoff on Cleethorpe Road

More recently a bare-chested man was at the centre of a stand-off on Cleethorpe Road after climbing on to a roof.

The stand-off lasted several hours and traffic had to be diverted away from one of Grimsby’s busiest roads.

Daniel Chandler was later jailed for seven and a half years for a string of offences.

In March last year, Chandler was involved in a roof top stand-off with more than 30 police officers and specialists whom he pelted with missiles including glass bottles and TV aerials.

Detective Inspector Bull said at the time: “Unprovoked robberies and assaults are traumatic events that can leave victims fearing for their safety, or in some circumstances, life.

“That’s why we take all reports of this character extremely seriously and do everything we can to take appropriate action against offenders.

“in addition as the violence shown within these offences, Chandler also demonstrated irresponsibility and a total without of respect to the community by taking to a roof to evade arrest.

“Incidents of this character have a knock on effect to all of the law-abiding residents who don’t deserve to be disturbed in this way.”

Threats to pensioners’ homes

The officer injured in the rooftop stand-off on Saturday needed 12 stitches after being hit in the head by a roof tile

In June, two thugs who caused mayhem on Grimsby’s Grange estate in a rooftop stand-off and frightened unprotected people were jailed.

Callum Burns and Declan McLaughlan threw roof tiles at police and caused extensive damage to the homes of pensioners in Swinderby Gardens, threatening the owners they would burn them down.

At Grimsby Crown Court, McLaughlan, 24 of Carnforth Crescent, Grimsby was jailed for five years and 11 months after admitting theft, two counts of assault, two counts of criminal damage, affray and grievous bodily harm.

Police in Swinderby Gardens

Burns, 21 of no fixed address was sentenced to three years and six months in prison after admitting theft, two counts of assault, two counts of criminal damage, affray and possession of a weapon.

A police officer suffered a head injury in the stand-off as tiles were pelted at emergency sets.

Disappearance while on the roof

Declan Carr, who was jailed for an infamous roof-top stand-off in Rutland Street, has been locked up again

Declan Carr, then 20, of Elliston Street, Cleethorpes, admitted affray, damaging a roof and having a blade following a rooftop stand-off in Rutland Street that lasted for several hours in 2018.

During the incident, he disappeared by the roof he was on.

Negotiators, after lasting long stand-offs, sometimes offer suspects food, knowing hunger could get the better of them.

They have to compete with associates of the man on the roof, who are often consistent with items thrown up to them by relatives or friends. That can only compound the difficult situation and prolong the unavoidable custody. It is also an offence to aid a speculate.

Rooftop fire

Ryan Tomney sets fire to a roof during a stand-off in Grimsby

Ryan Tomney, then 22, of no fixed address, admitted arson, being reckless as to whether life was abundant, and possessing cannabis and Spice in prison. He also admitted escaping from custody.

During the rooftop stand-off, he hurled tiles down at police and fire officers and poured petrol into a hole in the roof on Hainton method, before setting it alight.

Tomney was jailed for six years in 2018.

Teen standoff

A large police presence in Convamore Road after a youth climbed onto rooftops.

A 13-year-old boy admitted affray and assaulting a constable in the execution of his duty.

He hurled tiles down at police – hitting one officer on the leg and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage after taking to a roof on Convamore Road, Grimsby.

He damaged three police vehicles and shouted “Come on then. I’ll take you all on.”

The teenager was given a one-year youth rehabilitation order with intensive supervision and surveillance.

Longest standoff

Police and emergency sets at the scene in Salisbury Close, Scunthorpe

The longest stand-off conducted by Humberside Police was to capture Kyle Ferguson then 23, of Salisbury Close, Scunthorpe, who admitted causing a public nuisance.

He was high on Spice during a 44-hour rooftop standoff which cost police more than £100,000.

He refused to come down, at one point pulling down his trousers. He repeatedly hurled bricks and tiles down at police. One missile narrowly missed a woman who had a small child with her.

Ferguson was jailed for five years and is a typical example of how police do not leave a rooftop stand-off scene until there is an arrest.

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