Termite Resistant Mulch  –  Tips On Using Mulch To Resist Termites

Termite Resistant Mulch – Tips On Using Mulch To Resist Termites

Keeping Termites Away By Using Mulches

Mulches are used by some people to make the character look attractive while landscaping. However, there are certain mulches on the market that termites are not attracted to and will stay away from the wooden structure of your home. There are many advantages to using landscaping mulches – some of them are to conserve the soil and water, controlling the weeds and the temperature of the soil. These advantages including the fact that yard waste can be made use of have led to mulches being utilized for water and weed management and for aesthetic value around your home. Right now, companies are wondering whether organic mulches that are termite resistant could be developed as this would alleviate the problem of termites although it may not be a foolproof method.

Termites Resistant To Cypress And Redwood Mulches

Mulch is usually made of compost and wood and as termites thrive on wood, they use it as a source of food that they provide for the complete colony. A study has been conducted using different types of termites and their allurement for certain types of mulch. In 1999, a study found that termites disliked redwood and cypress mulches.

There is another kind of wood mulch that termites do not like and will not go near them – the melaleuca wood mulch. So along with the redwood and cypress mulches, termites are resistant to melaleuca.

While doing your landscaping with mulch, in order to keep termites away, use the cypress and redwood mulches. You could cover the soil with black plastic before you place the mulch as termites stay in the soil and can go into the mulch if there is no protective plastic. If the mulch is being used around the house, you could use melaleuca as near the house as possible since termites dislike this mulch. However, stone is the best although it is more expensive.

It is a fact that stone is very much more expensive to scenery your home, but considering the fact that termites like wood and will move into your home if there is damp wood around as they like wet, dark and clammy areas, the additional expense might be worth a try, as you will need to use a great deal of money in getting rid of termites once they go into the wood structure of your home. Mulch looks good while landscaping your yard, so if you are using mulch make sure that it is termite resistant mulch. Try and get a mulch that will not attract termites and be sure to use plastic so that termites will keep in the soil and not get into the house.

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