Termite Identification – Be Able to clarify Termites and Stop Them Fr…

Termite Identification – Be Able to clarify Termites and Stop Them Fr…

If you want to be able to fight off those nasty termites and stop them from damaging your similarities, then you should first know what it looks like and be able to clarify it.

Knowing the physical turn up and attributes of termites will definitely help you from stopping further damaged caused by these termites to your home. truly, there are misconceptions that termites and worker ants look the same; however, if you will closely observe the turn up the two insects, you will notice that termites are larger and have a more definite turn up compared to ants.

You need to know that termites have two different types. These would be the dry wood termites and the subterranean termites. The dry wood termites can be easily identified by their color because they are red in color and have dark brown or black wings. These dry wood termites are often mistaken as carpenter ants.

As the name implies, the dry wood termites would often shelter in wood such as dead tree branches or logs.

however, there are also the subterranean termites. These subterranean termites are also cause serious damages to similarities. The subterranean termites are truly the most shared kind of termite that are found in homes and cause large character damage. These subterranean termites satisfy on wood and already on paper based products.

Generally, termites are social insects and they are usually found in colonies just like ants. In every colony, there are numerous classes of termites and you can clarify these classes according to their characteristics.

In a termite colony, the highest class would be the queen termite. The queen termite is the biggest termite that you will ever see in a colony. Its main and only job is to lay eggs in order to increase the number of termites in the colony. Because of the large body of the queen, it is unable to move itself on its own and it requires several worker termites to be able to move.

The termites responsible for protecting the colony against their predators are the soldier termites. These soldier termites have distinctly large jaws that permit them to fight against their enemies and protect the colony.

There are also reproductive termites in a termite colony that would develop wings and usually leave the colony to create their own colony.

The lowest form of termites is the worker termites that are responsible for damaging the similarities. Worker termites have underdeveloped eyes which make them blind, but they are capable of working 24/7 because they have a lot of responsibilities in the colony.

Termite identification is definitely the most important step in preventing infestation and damage to your similarities.

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