Tennant Floor Equipment – EX-SC-1020 Carpet Extractor

Tennant Floor Equipment – EX-SC-1020 Carpet Extractor

The four main types of carpet extractors are carpets spotters, self-contained extractors, tank extractors and truck mounted carpet extractors. Carpets spotters are used for small cleaning jobs such as small spills and identify cleaning. These types of extractors utilize a small hand tool and are great for cleaning upholstery, window fixtures and auto detailing. Tank carpet extractors are used for larger jobs and work with a large carpet cleaning wand that is connected to the unit with a recovery and solution hose. These types of extractors are very portable and are used by commercial carpet cleaners to get to areas that truck mounted carpet extractors cannot reach. Tank extractors are great for cleaning high-rise apartments or secluded areas where the hoses from a truck enclosed unit cannot get to. Most commercial carpet cleaners use truck mounted extractors for a large percentage of the carpets they clean. Truck enclosed extractors are extremely powerful and utilize large heaters and high-pressure. Most truck mounted units cost upwards of $20,000 which requires a large investment. Self-contained carpet extractors are great for both residential and commercial use. They are extremely portable and are perfect for small to medium jobs and houses everything needed to clean the carpet in one unit. One of the best carpet extractors is the Tennant EX-SC-1020 extractor. Tennant is one of the largest floor equipment manufacturers in the world.

The Tennant EX-SC-1020 carpet extractor is a self-contained highly reliable unit. It features a sleek design and is comfortable to use by already the smallest operator. This carpet cleaning unit can be broken down into four main parts. The brush housing on the lower side of the unit features a stiff bristled cylindrical brush which agitates the carpet removing retained dirt and debris. In the front of the extraction unit a large 20 inch vacuum shoe that does a wonderful job of removing dirty water and debris from the carpet. The top of the machine houses a 14.5 gallon recovery tank and 10 gallon solution tank. This tank is made from Roto-cast polyethylene which can easily resist the punishment of tough commercial cleaning jobs. One of the main differences with this extractor over other carpet cleaning units is that the recovery tank contains a bladder system to ensure that the machine does not leak. This bladder can be easily changed out after years of use when it becomes cracked or worn and replaced. Changing the bladder on this tank is more cost effective than purchasing a whole new recovery tank system. The last part of the system is the user controls on the top of the machine. The user controls are easy to understand and simple to use. The ergonomically designed handles make this machine comfortable to use already when prolonged use is required for larger carpet cleaning jobs.

The three main systems on any carpet extraction unit are the brush excursion system, vacuum system and pump system. The Tennant EX-SC-1020 extractor features a 1.5 amp brush motor which spins the brush at 1200 RPMs. The brush consists of an offset row of nylon bristles in a chevron pattern for thorough effective cleaning. The brush on this machine is 17 inches which is 1 inch longer than the 16 inch industry-standard. The vacuum system on this extractor boasts a three stage 1.8 hp motor which is above the two-stage industry-standard. The motor can easily perform 136 inches of water left which is well above its main competitors by companies such as tornado, NSS, and Windsor. The solution system is powered by a 100 PSI one amp solution pump which is the industry-standard. The solution flow is regulated by an electric solenoid valve which is controlled by a switch on the user control panel. This machine utilizes a dual jet spray system where water is pressured out and into the carpet fibers.

The Tennant EX-SC-1020 can also be used with carpet cleaning accessories such as a wand, crevice tools, auto detailing tools and a stair tool. When purchasing a carpet extractor these are important features to look for. By employing a solution and recovery hose port this unit can easily be turned into a tank extractor and can be used for upholstery cleaning and auto detailing. You can also hook up a 2 jet wand which method you can clean under and around obstacles quickly. All that is needed to look up these tools is a low-pressure solution hose and one and a half inch recovery hose.

Overall the Tennant EX-SC-1020 is an excellent carpet cleaning machine. It is important to make sure that floor equipment parts are easily obtainable so that repairs can be made if needed. Tennant parts are easily purchased online or by a local Tennant parts distributor and service center. Tennant is one of the largest floor equipment companies in the world so you can be sure that Tennant parts will always be obtainable for this unit. This extractor outperforms many of the comparable products from other floor equipment manufacturers. The average lifespan of this unit should be more than 10 years making it a wise investment for both residential use and start up carpet cleaning companies.

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