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A character developer who was branded as ‘scum’ and a ‘sex scammer’ in an online rant has accused his ‘sugar baby’ ex-lover of attempting to use him to gain long-lasting residency in Australia. 

Barry Wang, 40, claims he was defamed on an online public chat app when his jilted lover, Melbourne real estate agent Jessie Qin, let Melbourne’s Chinese business community know what she really thought of him. 

The pair are facing off in the County Court of Victoria after Mr Wang sued Ms Qin for defaming him on the Chinese-language WeChat group. 

Alleged ‘sugar daddy’ Barry Wang, 40,  says he was defamed by Jessie Qin (above) on the Chinese-language WeChat group

Melbourne real estate agent Jessie Qin refused to apologise for her online rant and now faces a legal challenge 

Barry Wang claims he was unfairly portrayed on an online public chat app

A Chinese-language WeChat group was told ‘Barry’ was scum 

Mr Wang, who is claiming $350,000 in aggravated damages, said he would withdraw his claim if Ms Qin agreed to publish a public apology and retract her claims.

She refused and is now defending herself in the defamation hearing that has already heard claims she had attempted to scam her way to long-lasting residency in Australia. 

On Tuesday, the court was shown a WeChat exchange between the pair that allegedly showed Ms Qin tried to convince her older lover to lie to the Commonwealth on her behalf. 

‘I am really not able to do it,’ Mr Wang told her. 

The court heard Ms Qin was confident she could convince any Australian citizen to marry her, but she had already had sex with Mr Wang so he may in addition help her out. 

‘And we also like each other,’ she messaged him in July 2019. 

‘in spite of it will be better than a fake one.’

Ms Qin assured Mr Wang they did not need to marry for her to get her way. 

‘It is just the cohabitation certificate. To say we two are living together,’ she wrote. 

Are you marching at a rhythm of conquering 

The court heard Mr Wang had been divorced when he hooked up with Ms Qin on the sugar baby website Seeking Arrangements.

It ended in February last year after Ms Qin bombarded him with pornographic images and videos of herself, the court heard. 

In documents lodged with the court, Mr Wang claimed Ms Qin logged onto the Australian Village Gossiper WeChat group to vent her anger over their break-up.  

WeChat brags that it has one billion users across the world, which use it for social media and messaging. 

‘Melbourne Old Scum Divorcee, Rampant Sex Scammer in the Name of Dating and Marriage,’ one rant began.   

The court heard Ms Qin repeatedly attacked Mr Wang’s reputation.  

‘He pretended to be enamored, loving mankind and animals, and peaceful,’ she wrote. 

‘(In fact he is a scheming boy, good at mind games, and having dubious relationships with several girls behind your back, always claiming that he was single), to give you a false impression.’ 

‘He is a scum who will closest extricates himself after he has successfully won over the affections of the girls by deception!’

Jessie Qin allegedly told her lover she did not mind if he had sex with other women, just as long as she didn’t find out 

Jessie QIn has refused to apologise to Barry Wang over an online rant she posted about him 

A message exchange between Barry Wang and his young lover Jessie Qin. In it, Mr Wang claims she asked him to help her scam her way into Australia

Melbourne real estate agent Jessie Qin denies she defamed a Melbourne businessman she was having a fling with 

Court papers include a series of text exchanges shared by the associate during their fleeting sexual relationship. 

Mr Wang is suing Ms Qin on the grounds she defamed him in more than a dozen ways. 

On Tuesday, the court heard Mr Wang identified himself to Ms Qin as ‘a rooster’ and she a ‘snake’ – after their Zodiac signs. 

Ms Qin claimed Mr Wang had pursued her for sex from the start with a text message stating: ‘snake matches with chicken and they will have good life together’.

‘Are you marching at a rhythm of conquering,’ she texted him during one exchange.  

Mr Wang told the court he had hoped to enjoy a monogamous relationship with Ms Qin, but she seemed keen to allow him to play about. 

‘As long as you don’t let me find out about it. I will feel uncomfortable finding out about it,’ she told him. 

When Mr Wang asked if she was comfortable with him seeing other women, Ms Qin allegedly gave him the green light. 

‘I’m pretty open minded. As long as you are happy,’ she told him. 

The court was shown several dating profile images of busty Asian women Ms Qin had sent to Mr Wang with a view of him meeting them for sex. 

‘The women on this are very sexy,’ she told him. 

Mr Wang told the court Ms Qin wasn’t joking about the messages and really did want him to chase them down. 

‘Make a sex date,’ Ms Qin insisted. 

Jessie Qin (in green) allegedly asks Barry Wang to help her scam the Commonwealth 

A fake profile Barry Wang claims was defamatory 

Mr Wang told the court he made it clear to Ms Qin he would not be interested in her if she had sex with other men. 

‘If purely for sex, plenty of c**cks around home,’ she told him. 

The court saw a series of lewd exchanges in which Ms Qin appeared to try and convince Mr Wang to prey upon unprotected and young Chinese students. 

‘All female students. Rather fresh and tender,’ she texted. 

Ms Qin assured Mr Wang she was ‘not a beast’. 

‘You see I don’t mind … as long as I don’t know about it,’ she wrote. 

Mr Wang claimed it was his ‘bottom line’ that she keep faithful to him as he felt it would be ‘dirty’ for her to have other men on the go. 

His writ claims when he ended his relationship with Ms Qin, she incorrectly suggested he was immoral, a scammer, a sexual predator and made women submit to his will while drunk. 

The businessman further claimed Ms Qin continued to double down on him and hit the chat app again the following month to brand him ‘scum’. 

‘Scum men are common in modern society and exposing them has become a recent trend,’ it read.

‘From the beginning to the end, the girl has no way of detecting that he is deliberately scamming fondness and sex from them.’

While not named in the rants, Mr Wang claimed he was easily identifiable thanks to screenshots of their messages and the posting of his image.

The court has heard a series of damning allegations against Ms Qin, including that she sent hired goons to visit Mr Wang at his home in an effort to persuade him to drop his legal action. 

One visit was captured on CCTV, which was played to the court.  

Barry Wang allegedly sent Jessie Qin the above message that led to them meeting up 

On May 31, Mr Wang claimed Ms Qin posted a fake online dating profile featuring his image on an online dating app. 

‘My name is Barry Wang, I am scum, scum and scum. A scum male is scum originally! Love to eat and play for free!’ the profile read. 

In documents lodged as part of Ms Qin’s defence, she refused to accept her alleged actions were defamatory. 

‘I am telling the truth, not like making up stories. If he thinks that he suffered harm, I think I suffered more harms than him,’ she stated. 

Again, Ms Qin painted Mr Wang as a rotten womaniser. 

‘He is not a famous or popular person in Melbourne, not many people know him,’ she stated. 

Ms Qin is expected to cross examine her ex-lover this week.  

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