Straight Talk on Building Your Team

Here’s a few questions many MLMers ask . and worry way too much over IMHO:

“When building your downline in MLM, how do you keep it all organized?”

“How do you make sure you are helping everyone in your downline succeed?”

“Do you just keep it simple and only help those who call for it?”

“Do you keep in touch with every rep you personally sponsored?”

“How can you ensure you keep in touch with your downline, create a teamwork mindset, and help everyone succeed?”

In other words .. “how do you “rule” your group of people successfully?”

Well.some folks start a website with a team name, and back office. IMHO that is just too complicated for the average MLMer to make happen. My short answer keep it simple. You can’t “do” everything for “everyone”. Trying that will excursion you nuts and isn’t a good recipe for a successful business anyway. Some will some won’t you can’t make them.

But you can be there for them when they need you. That should be made clear however you decide to do that. Have a reputation for having answers or knowing where they can get them.and being obtainable for that. Now this is just me so PLEASE don’t take this as the “only” way.

I keep tabs on my group by the back office my company provides. I know who’s selling and who’s sponsoring.and who isn’t. Who’s “doing” and who’s not. I don’t need my own software or website. Although I do have a blog (Best MLM Resources) but it’s not specific for my company but for resources in general for anyone in MLM.

My company sends a “welcome” email with a short “to do” list for getting started and staying engaged with the company obtainable marketing & training resources. They get this closest upon registration.automatically. My company has a monthly newsletter email.and weekly training/info calls.and regular emails for special news. Goes out to everyone. My partner sends a short “getting started” training series via email soon after they register. He knows from the genealogy in our back office who needs one.

I used to have everyone on a weekly info-email via autoresponder with functional tips, insights, ideas, keep “it” in front of them (pre-loaded with 52 weeks to cover their 1st year) . My contact info was always included. I knew to add someone to the system.again from my company provided back office genealogy.

I’d sometimes blast an email to the group for special news, insights, tips using the same autoresponder system. My partner nevertheless does this. I’d refer them to the company specific discussion board here at Home Based business Forums and the Agent BBS in the company back office . for “group” sustain. All in the Family. I’d reinforce the company resources (back office and weekly info/training calls) in my weekly info-mail. So did/does my partner in his Getting Started series for newbies.

Now I accomplish most of the above via the RSS satisfy from my blog. While my partner continues the regular news and tips mailings to accomplish what I don’t via the blog satisfy.

That’s it. If someone needs something specific they know to contact me or my partner via phone or email or Forum PM. We’re both obtainable for them (although we do live in different states that truly works out better for our organization). If they don’t.we don’t chase them down.

Leads don’t permit. Big difference.

You rule by “doing” yourself.not doing “for” them. You can’t keep up everybody’s hand 7/24/365. They have to stand on their own.”do” on their their own business. You can only be there when they need you for something specific.and get them the tools/info to “do” when they need them.

If you’re can proportion the skill, resources, contacts, etc. you’ve developed that fit the issues they may bring to you. If you’re not “doing” you have nothing of assistance to proportion with them.and get them “doing”. This basic. You can provide that “body of knowledge” one on one when warranted.and via a regular contact like the weekly info-email I mentioned (or in any case frequency you choose that’s best for you.maybe monthly). Some folks already have regular “conference” calls or online (called webinars). I prefer to use my company calls to do regular scheduled group stuff for me..more efficient and effective. Just put out the schedule (or link to it) in our monthly heads-up and/or remind via email blast so those who are “doers” will take advantage of it.

That’s it. Simple, efficient, effective for me. You should decide what will do the same for you.

On another observe don’t put the cart before the horse.

If you’re caught up in this analytical mode of “what to do” with a large organization when you have’ll never get there. You’ll use so much time on studying and planning and preparing.and nothing on truly building that organization. You’ll freeze any movement toward truly business building. shared pitfall too many succumb to. Perpetual learning and planning.and no actual “doing”.

So my advice is this.get to work and stop worrying so much. Keep it simple.and have some fun. As your organization grows you will to. Your feet will find the right path on their long as you keep your feet moving.

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