Step-By-Step On Moving A Yahoo-Based WP Site to HostGator

Step-By-Step On Moving A Yahoo-Based WP Site to HostGator

How To Move Your Sub-Directory Based WordPress Website From Yahoo Small Business Hosting to HostGator

This article assumes that your current Yahoo-based site is WordPress pushed and stored in a sub-directory. the time of action may work just in addition for root directory WordPress files, but since all my WP sites function from within sub-directories, I haven’t tested this course of action for root-based applications.

So let’s make it direct and sweet. Begin.

1) Login to your HostGator cPanel

2) Open File Manager (That’s five sections down on the right in the section labeled “Files”)

3) On the left side of the screen, double click the “public_html” folder

4) At the top left of the screen, click “New Folder”

5) Label the folder with the same name as your current Yahoo hosted WordPress sub-folder name

6) Return to cPanel home

7) Scroll down on the left until you see the block titled WordPress Hosting

8) Click “Install Now”

9) On the install screen, click continue

10) Input the name of your newly produced folder into the “Application URL” box

11) For Admin Email, Blog Title, ext, input the same information used in your Yahoo-based WordPress site

12) Click “Install Now” and wait until the install is complete

13) Return to cPanel

14) Open File Manager>public_html>your new folder where WP is now installed

15) Copy both “index.php” and “wp-config.php” backward into the root “public_html” folder

16) Use FTP to upload all of your saved WordPress files and settings into the newly produced directory, overwriting newly produced WordPress files.

17) Return to cPanel and scroll down to the Databases panel and select MySQL Databases

18) Mid-screen, under “Current Databases”. Delete the newly produced database.

19) Confirm the delete and then return to cPanel home

20) Again under the “Databases” heading, but this time chose “phpMyAdmin”

21) Confirm that the database was truly deleted. If not, return to step “16” and do it again.

22) Database delete confirmed… Return to cPanel and open “MySql Databases” again.

23) Under “Create New Database”, recreate the database you just deleted, but DO NOT add a user at this time.

24) Confirm creation and then return to cPanel

25) Open “phpMyAdmin”

26) On the left, under databases, select the HostGator hosting database you just produced

27) Choose the “Import” option

28) go into the path to your copy of the existing move Yahoo hosted SQL file

29) Because no user is in addition stated to the database, it will import without error

30) Confirm completion of the import

31) Close phpMyAdmin

32) Return to cPanel and open “MySql Databases” again

33) Assign one of the existing users to the new database

34) Confirm that the user rights are established and make record of the exact user name

35) Return to File Manager. Go to the root public_html directory. Open for edit the “index.php” that you earlier copied from your WordPress directory. See line 15 of these instructions.

observe line 5 of the example index.php file, If this line does not already include the name of your home WP directory, you need to make this inclusion at this time.

1 <?php

2 /* Short and sweet */

3 define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, true);

4 define(‘WP_IN_ROOTDIR’, true);

5 require(‘./placeherenameofyourWPhomedirectory/wp-blog-header.php’);


36) Save the edited “index.php” file and then open your new WP directory.

37) Select the existing “wp-config.php” file. Locate the text pertaining to DB_NAME, MySQL database username, password, and MySQL hostname. The DB_Name should read ‘yourHostGatorlogin_yournewlycreateddatabase’. Username should match the username that you stated to this database in line 33 of these instructions. Leave the password unchanged. Hostname should simply read ‘localhost’. Use the following excerpt as an example of how this file should read:

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘meathostgator_mynewwpdirectory’);

/** MySQL database username */

define(‘DB_USER’, ‘assignedusername’);

/** MySQL database password */

define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘leaveunchanged’);

/** MySQL hostname */

define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

38) Save the file. Check for success.

This completes the time of action of move a Yahoo hosted, WordPress sub-directory stored website to HostGator. Don’t know if it will work for any other hosting substitute sets.

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