Spiritual Soul Mates and the 1 Sure Fire Sign He Is the ONE (Don’t Let…

Spiritual Soul Mates and the 1 Sure Fire Sign He Is the ONE (Don’t Let…

Does he really love me? What are the signs? Will he tell me if I ask… or do I literally need to read his mind to find out what he REALLY thinks about me, the relationship and our future together? And why do some women seem SO happy in love… while the rest of us struggle, settle and accept LESS than we deserve in live, and in love?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the great majority of women in relationships that FEEL good, but don’t quite feel 100% “certain”, you know how draining and emotionally exhausting it can be to simply NOT know for sure.

The good news? There are are lots of unconventional signs that a man loves you, is committed and WILL be there for the long haul, already if he’s NOT the kind to open up and let in it out loud.

With that in mind, and as someone who has personally experienced the highs and lows of being a relationship where I simply had NO confidence it was going to last… I’m going to proportion with you the one VERY unorthodox technique that changed my perspective on PASSION (and purpose) in MY relationships… forever!

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I believe that everyone reading this right now has a rare, special, and “cosmic” karmic connection with ONE specific soul. There is ONE person who is destined to be part of the fabric of your future… and whose life and purpose and reason for being is deeply interwoven with your own. YOU have a spiritual soulmate… and your destiny is to find that one person and live in a state of unconditional love, bliss and happiness.

Will that person MAGICALLY appear in my life?

Great question. And absolutely not..:-) The truth is, one of the biggest misconceptions about finding our spiritual partner or “other half” is the idea that just because we have a destiny, or a certain amount of “love karma” that the UNIVERSE is going to make all of this happen for us, “auto-magically”. Real life, instead… is complete of bumps in the road, lessons learned the hard way and the harsh fact that MOST of us will not recognize the gifts that are given, simply because we’re too busy focusing on the things that are unimportant, meaningless and ultimately, disappointing.

And there is NO area that this is more obvious than finding true love.

The 1 sure fire sign that he is your KARMIC connection and spiritual soulmate?

You’ll have a vigorous connection that transcends the physical. An inexplicable emotional “rapport” that is hard to describe, feels psychic and deeply intuitive, and in addition you both feel to your very chief. In short – Your aura’s will “align”. already if it’s just a friendship right now… you will feel a thorough bond of “knowing” that just is!

Unfortunately, most women will laugh this off… pretend it’s just a fairy tale or already ignore it altogether, simply because they are in a relationship with someone else. (usually a BAD one, too) Many people are skeptical about aura’s, soul-mates and karma, too! I’m here to tell you that the HAPPIEST relationships that I know are with 2 people who truly recognize that they are spiritual partners in the purest sense of the information… and proportion a bond that no scientist or skeptic can explain!

One last thing…

Always go with your gut. Your own instincts… and intuition keep up MORE keys to your karma than any article like this one you’ll ever read. These are just the sign posts in the road… the POINTERS to help you find your own truth, your own passion, and hopefully… if I’ve already touched a tiny truth you know to be true, a gentle nudge to help YOU find what you’re looking for, in life and in LOVE alike!

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