Skipping Out on Shoulder Rotator Cuff Surgery

Skipping Out on Shoulder Rotator Cuff Surgery

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with the loss of mobility caused by frozen shoulder or the pain of a tendon tear, sometimes surgery will be your best answer. There are times, however, when skipping out on shoulder rotator cuff surgery is the best and smartest way to go.

Shoulder rotator cuff surgery can be required for a number of reasons. Whether it’s an open surgical procedure or arthroscopic, invasive measures are typically called for when:

  • A cuff tear is extensive – Long tears almost always require surgical intervention to cure. How extensive a surgical procedure will need to be will depend a lot on the severity of a tear.
  • Frozen shoulder is harsh – If the loss of range of motion is great and no other steps are working, shoulder surgery can be required to correct the issue.

If an injury isn’t extensive or complete range of motion hasn’t been impacted, it is very often possible to avoid the need for shoulder surgery by:

  • Using gentle, guided movements – Physical therapy is very often one of the best ways to rebuild a shoulder and prevent the need for surgery thoroughly. In the case of frozen shoulder, physical therapy can assist in breaking up the log-jam in the shoulder and restore range of motion. For tears, physical therapy is often called for to help keep range of motion intact and rebuild some strength following an injury.
  • Taking the right medications – Cortisone is often recommended for treating issues with frozen shoulder. It can sometimes help increasing rapidly the problem and prevent the need for shoulder rotator cuff surgery. Anti-inflammatory medications that keep swelling out of the area are also often called for in both conditions.
  • Exercising patience – If you are dealing with a minor cuff tear or frozen shoulder, patience might be the last thing you’ll want to exercise. Although surgery seems like a quick fix, it isn’t either. For non-surgical interventions to work, time and diligence is often required. Under the right circumstances, however, sticking with it can help you skip out on rotator surgery thoroughly.

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