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The Quantities of Shrimp that We Eat as Consumers is Shocking!

Equally Shocking is What is Happening to the Fishing Industry and the Price of those Shrimp because of the actions of a certain oil company…


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“ATTENTION: If you have a shrimp farm business or are about to start one, this may be the most Valuable Letter you will ever read…”:

I was blown away by these numbers!

“A Multi-Billion Dollar Business”

The Shrimp Business Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Business and Is a Business where literally anyone can make a six figure income in…and you don’t need a University Degree to do it.

Americans currently consume more than 1 BILLION POUNDS of Shrimp each year!

This amounts to over 4 POUNDS for EVERY American yearly.

Over 5 Billion Pounds of Shrimp are produced each year globally – either by farming or wild catch.

The Shrimping Industry is a $20 BILLION Dollar Global Industry and a large chunk of the need for the product lies right in the United States.

A major domestic source of Shrimp (the Gulf of Mexico) is all but ruined!

Now…Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room here:


The need is There (we love Shrimp)

A Supply Source has been severely damaged… (Thanks BP)

Prices have gone up as a consequence


Can You See The Huge Opportunity In Starting Your Own High Profit Shrimp Farming Business?


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From: JT Abney

Dear Friend:
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With the economy nevertheless in turmoil and unemployment continuing to be in shatters in most places, people are getting desperate and grasping at straws to find a substantial, sustainable business to sustain their families and,…

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