Shadow Priest PVP

Shadow Priest PVP

Shadow priest pvp toons can cause high damage in short amounts of time. Priests can silence enemies, can dispel advantageous spells from opponents and unhealthy spells from themselves. Priest have the ability to have some decent passive healing talent points used in vampiric embrace and can aeo fear when feeling out numbered. Using shadow form and inner fire a shadow priest has a melee reduction of about 35% which is almost as tough as wearing mail armor. Shadow priests are difficult to catch thanks to Fade, and the longest cooldown they have, not counting talent and racial abilities) is 45 seconds, which is silence.

Shadow priest pvp toons need to be mindful that when in shadow form they can not cast any holy spells or heals or shadow form will be broken. Shadow priest can be one of the most feared players to come across in a PVP situation, however are often attacked first because they are seen as “squishy”. When played correctly a shadow priest can kill any class. for example with casters you need to be smart as they can take you out quickly. Us crowd controls as much as possible and fear any pets or minions. Keep your strength information protect up as much as you can and use mana burn. With melee like rogues cast your fear and dot dot dot. Cast your shild when the fight starts and as often as you can, you can also protect and then bandage if it comes down to it. If a rogue vanishes put your protect up and prepare to start all over.

Priests need to be very mindful of their mana pool. Use it wisely and when fighting more then one person, make sure you don’t blow it all on one character because a priest without mana is a dead priest, completely defenseless. This is also true for mages, and for warlocks if you don’t count the pet damage. Mana burn can be used by a priest to render the enemy helpless. Mana burn immediately breaks fear, hex and psychic scream however. Mana burn can also we very helpful against the party healer who is healing you enemy, when the healer has no mana, it generally method certain death for the party. Using three talent points in spirit tap can greatly enhance your own use of mana. Survivability can be influenced greatly by improved vampiric embrace and focused mind also helps to enhance your mana efficiency.

Starting a character in PVP with a “clothy” can get so frustrating. Many times we give up when a rogue saps us and cuts us into bits before we have time to think about it. Or when a prot warrior keeps us hindered by out half of a fight and we don’t have the chance to fight back. You have to have a game plan. Know what you need to do to take down each class so that when you get in the situation you are ready for it and they won’t already see it coming. Shadow priests can be very hard to go up against, with fears, dots, self healing, shielding, buffs, high damage spells, and what they can do for parties, I can’t imagine who wouldn’t be afraid to come across a well informed, shadow priests that has the right glyphs and talent points. A shadow priest pvp toon who knows what they are doing is a dealy shadow priest.

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