Removing Your Acoustic Asbestos Ceiling

Removing Your Acoustic Asbestos Ceiling

You don’t want your acoustic asbestos ceiling any more because it collects dust and cobwebs and is difficult to clean and it loses its color with age. So what do you do with it? Remove it all? That’s the solution – remove the whole asbestos ceiling. You need to get rid of it al in one fell swoop.

Before you remove that terrible old ceiling, just make sure whether or not it has asbestos in it. The ceilings of houses that date back to about 1950, in fact most houses built before1970 may have asbestos, a kind of fibrous substance that is known to be a contaminant that causes cancer and other disorders that are related to the lungs.

It is not an easy task to determine whether your ceiling contains any asbestos by just taking a look at it. In order to be sure about the content of asbestos in your ceiling it is very important to make an asbestos check and decide on the removal of acoustic asbestos ceilings. If the asbestos tests are negative, it is nevertheless worth it to take precautions in the removal of the acoustic asbestos ceiling.

The wearing of a respirator is very basic. Asbestos is easily airborne and the inhalation of these fibers could go into the lungs and that may cause damage and already cancer sometimes.

use eye protection already though most of the diseases that are caused by asbestos are due to inhalation of the fiber, nevertheless the exposure of the eyes or the skin to the asbestos fibers may be unhealthy and cause unpleasant effects. Asbestos warts are one of the diseases that are asbestos related and are caused when the skin is exposed to the mineral. Make sure to inform everyone at home about the removal of the asbestos ceiling, as this will help him or her continue their distance and have minimum exposure to the risks that are related to asbestos. After you have ensured the safety of your family, consider the actual steps that are involved in the removal of the acoustic asbestos ceiling.

The removal of the acoustic asbestos ceiling is a very delicate course of action. It is best to leave the procedure to a licensed contractor to ensure its safe removal as this will require skill and the ceiling’s surface must be made wet prior to removal. The ceiling is made wet before removal so the fibers in the asbestos sheets do not become hazardous by becoming airborne. Asbestos fibers are truly 1,200 times tinier then human hair, so it is difficult to see if the fibers are present in the air or not. So wetting of the ceiling is usually done as a health precaution before the ceiling is removed.

As the surface of the ceiling would be made wet, you must protect the furniture and the floors of your house. Remove all furniture and make sure to use plastic to cover everything and the floors before you remove the ceiling. Just a bit of caution and the removal of your ceiling could be done with minimum risk.

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