Reduction in Travel Equals More Conference Calls

Reduction in Travel Equals More Conference Calls

Due to the spending down in travel budgets due to the bad economy and the rising costs of gasoline and jet fuel, more and more people are turning to conference calls to suit there business needs. In today’s global economy, especially with free trade and global investing, it may be time to consider using conference calls as a business norm versus expensive long distance travel in today’s global economy.

Companies may now promote their product or service and present business proposals to clients all over the nation and the world without need for actual travel and the expenses of lodging, meals and rental cars. Some would already argue that conference calling is now the norm in today’s business world. Breakthroughs in communications have made it easier to connect with a large audience. Conference call serves can have up to 99 speakers on talk mode (but not all speaking at one time of course ) and some sets can add up to 1000 on listen mode on top of the 99 on talk mode. Conferencing sets mostly in use today are audio conferencing and web conferencing followed by video conferencing.

There are many factors however that will come into play here. It can be quite an adjustment to getting used to conference call technology. Not every conference call service provider is equal. Ignorance of the features and equipment obtainable to you can harm your business rather then help it. Consider this: you set up a business meeting with investors and use a free conference call service provider you found online, your meeting is going well until the service drops 3 of your possible investors from the call.

Two of the investors try to get back onto the call using the service number and access code only to be locked out, while the 3rd simply walks away from the teleconference altogether! These 3 investors were each going to invest 30k into your business, now you and your company are out of 90k in capital! Do not fool yourself into thinking an investor will not walk because of being dropped and not being able to rejoin the teleconference either, it happens all the time.

So it may be time to analyze weather your business can assistance from call Conferencing. can you increase your sales or net profit from making use of call conferencing? What money, if any will you save on confront to confront business meetings? Also take into account the time saver of call conferencing, as time is priceless. Company time and money are spent arranging meetings or dinner conferences for example. Never having to leave the office to conduct important business can be a great asset. If you decide to go the conference call route, then you must pick a service provider or choose an in house system if your budget can provide it.

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