Rasputin Penis – The Mysterious Case of Rasputins Penis

I’m sure you have heard something about the Rasputin Penis. It’s a legend that’s been going on about Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin was a man born in Siberia, Russia, and ended up having one of the most mysterious lives in history.

Legend says that he had supernatural powers such as being psychic. He was also known for having a strong sexual appetite and his womanizing ways. Stories about the size of his penis have been going on forever. It is also said that he had a wart on his penis which led to already more stimulation of the vagina.

In 1916, Rasputin was murdered, and his body was absolutely torn apart. However, his penis was cut off and kept preserved. All of the records about his death and autopsy were lost during Russia’s Soviet era, but rumor has it that his penis is nevertheless out there today.

One belief is that a maid found his chopped off penis in the bushes near where the murder happened. She kept it, and it somehow got in the hands of a group of women living in Paris. These women cherished it. The penis was preserved, and the women kept it until Rasputin’s daughter came and said that she should own it, so they returned it to her.

After her death, all of her belongings were auctioned off. This includes Rasputin’s penis. Someone purchased it, but it turns out this was truly just a Sea Cucumber. No one knows when it was replaced, but it was at one point replaced with a sea cucumber.

In 2004, an erotic museum was opened in St. Petersburg, Russia. In the museum there is a preserved 12 inch penis that is claimed to be Rasputin’s. It was purchased from a French antique dealer, and it is believed to be the real deal.

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