Psychic Protection – The Many Different Kinds of Psychic Assaults You …

Psychic Protection – The Many Different Kinds of Psychic Assaults You …

Psychic attacks are of various types. They vary in the degree on their intensity consequently the psychic protection you seek should correspond well with the intensity of the attack you are facing. There are various kinds of psychic protection techniques that are being utilized. But in order to know which method of psychic protection to use you should have knowledge about the various categories of psychic attacks that exist so you know which one you need to defend yourself against.

One kind of psychic attack is called overload. Our energy system is connected with the nervous system in our body. This is why when the energy system becomes overloaded, damage can occur to the nervous system which is serious in intensity and can cause upsetting physical danger to the person. Psychic protection against this kind of attack can be done by absorbing the energy using a protect or mirror that will mirror it away. Another way of getting psychic protection is by grounding yourself.

Another kind of psychic attack is called drain. In this kind of attack, the attacker basically causes physical and emotional damage to the victim by sucking out all the energy in him or her. This causes the physical body do weaken in addition. For psychic protection against this you can again use mirrors as shields or create a protect around your body that will refrain your energy from leaking out. All these techniques depend on the kind of attack. consequently first try getting your hands on an informative book and educate yourself about all the different kinds of psychic attacks that against so that you know what kind of psychic protection to seek against it.

For the more serious kinds of attacks that include black magic and spells its best that you not try to mess with it yourself especially if you’re not that experienced at it. Always seek the help of specialized energy workers for spiritual protection. For these strong attacks you can try other methods like using strong gemstones like the Black Tourmaline. The best way is to tape them on your stomach right below your waist as this area is where the most protection is needed. Other than that you can also try Saran wrap as it too has certain similarities that help you get the psychic protection that you need. Again for Saran wrap the best location is to wrap it around on your stomach.

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