Preparing to Make Cold Calls

Many sales people fear cold calling in order to sell their products or set appointments with decision makers. If you can conquer that hesitance to pick up the phone and obtain time with the decision maker to present your product or solution, you have additional a possible sale in your pipeline!

There are so many tools which sales people can utilize when looking for and approaching possible prospects at target organizations. The internet is complete of information, many at no charge, if you just know where to look.

One of the meaningful free resources you may not have thought of to look for where you can locate some of your meaningful prospects are industry trade shows. If you have a target industry there is no shortage of niche specific seminars or summits or conferences held throughout the country or the world to discuss the topic. A simple Google search can consequence in dozens to 100’s of great events that would be your target audience. Almost all of them have lists of speakers that are the thought leaders for that particular industry or topic and ideal candidate for you to pursue. When approaching these prospects, reference their participation in that specific conference and their noted position as a thought leader. acquire a meeting with them merely to get feedback on your solution. This meeting could consequence in a sale, a product endorsement, or merely a way to approach others based on this noted thought leader’s opinions.

Another great tip, contact the organizers of the event. Many times a list of participants who could also be your meaningful audience will attend these events. Most likely you would have to buy such a list but this would be a very fresh applicable list of people with meaningful titles or responsibilities that would be decision makers for your product or service.

Do not fear cold calling! There are great ways around gate keepers and voice mail.

Once you know ‘what’ you want to say to a prospect once you get them on the phone, the fear will disappear. Once you have developed what would be most important to the prospect you are approaching – cost reduction, lowering their corporate risk, saving time, becoming more productive, making a better product for their customers, better customer service, or at all event solutions best fit your particular product. – you merely need to communicate that in 20-30 seconds with some credible references or customers they can relate to and ask them for more time and schedule a meeting.

Practice your approach over and over again until it becomes conversational and flowing. Once you remove your reluctance by having a substantial plan of attack and a good flowing pitch you can obtain many more meetings which statistically should consequence in more sales for you. Good luck and good selling!

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