Praxis Study Guide Competencies Guaranteed to Show Up on Praxis II Tes…

When it comes to mastering your Praxis II test, nothing can be more helpful than knowing what educational theories and competencies are guaranteed to make an turn up.

After all, there are literally hundreds of competencies and theories stuffed into almost every single Praxis study guide. And unless you know how to separate the necessary from the inessential, you’re looking at a huge waste of your valuable study time.

Not to mention your sanity!

But you don’t need to hire a psychic to find out which Praxis study guide competencies are guaranteed to show up on your test. In fact, the three following competencies have shown up on a majority of test sessions – and it’s likely that they’ll appear again.

So kiss that psychic good-bye and get ready to rock your Praxis study guides!

Praxis II Test Competency: The Art of the Classroom Lesson

At this stage in your teaching education, you know how to design a classroom lesson plan. But pay careful attention to the details; is it the most effective lesson plan possible? The makers of the test know the difference between a average and excellent lesson plan.

And you can bet that your Praxis II study guides will highlight this important lesson!

Ask yourself the following questions to estimate the effectiveness of any given classroom lesson plan:

• Does the lesson plan encourage and permit students of all learning styles?

• Does the lesson provide supplemental learning material for both gifted students and those who need additional help in grasping lessons?

Questions about classroom lessons will be easy to recognize in your Praxis II study guides, as they’ll always refer to the composition of an ideal lesson plan.

Understanding Student Development

Effective teaching isn’t just about designing the most effective classroom plan – it’s about understanding exactly how the mental, physical and emotional processes of your students work!

This might sound like you need a second degree in neurology, but don’t worry: the makers of your test just want to ensure that you know how to promote the best possible student learning within your classroom.

So how can you recognize questions on understanding student development? Most will center on the subjects of school violence, bullying, school safety and the warning signs of parental abuse. And according to insiders, the topic of a teacher’s responsibilities towards online bullying will be a meaningful player in this year’s Praxis II test. Don’t let this surprise subject pull the rug out from under your feet!

Does Your Praxis Study Guide analyze Student varied?

One of the most challenging parts of the Praxis II test is the treatment of student varied. The exam makers want to ensure that all of their teachers aren’t inclined to ethnocentrism – that is, the inclination to favor one’s own culture and style of learning. To be great at their jobs, teachers must be open to all races, cultures and backgrounds.

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