Polycom Conference Phones – Soundstation and Voicestation Phones Provi…

Polycom Conference Phones – Soundstation and Voicestation Phones Provi…

Visit any conference room in America today and chances are you will see a Polycom conference phone. These dark rare triangular shaped conference speakerphone has been used for countless far away conference call meetings in the past two decades – from corporate quarterly earnings calls to daily routine calls that get everyone to sync up.

in spite of of where people are in the world, teams of people can come together and meet on the phone to collaborate. Not only is it cost-effective because you can now avoid costs and time spent in travel, it also facilitates bringing people together already on short notice to discuss matters of urgency.

The great thing about a Polycom conference phone like the Polycom Soundstation and Voicestation is that they have high quality technology behind it, it makes users feel almost like they are close by in the same room. The Soundstation is meant for bigger rooms and there are models that will work with either digital PBX lines or analog phone lines. The Voicestation is meant for small conference rooms or spaces and works with analog phone lines.

It is the ability of conference speakerphones like the Soundstation 2 Ex or Voicestation 500 to provide an extraordinary conference call experience that keep Polycom conference speakerphones the top choice from big and small business users year after year. The phones characterize complete duplex technology and high definition audio that permit natural two-way conversations. They are made to copy sounds as clearly as possible for all meeting participants on both ends of the line.

When Polycom started back in 1990, founders Brian Hinman and Jeffrey Rodman had a vision to build a company that provided the highest quality speakerphones. Today, Polycom’s line of products also includes data sharing and video conferencing, targeted to permit friction-free unified team collaboration.

Polycom conference phones, together with high definition 1080p high definition cameras and video conferencing technologies is set take unified team collaboration to new levels. Polycom is certainly a company that one can expect to continue to be behind some of the highest quality and cutting edge conferencing products.

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