PHP Search Engine – MySQl based Simple Site Search

PHP Search Engine - MySQl based Simple Site Search


PHP Search Engine is engine to use inside a web site or few web sites. Secured Simple Crawling System is obtainable to submit URLs and Links to the system. Pages from submitted URL will automatically add to search database when admin adds a URL to the system. Once crawling is done the links with their contents (Plain text from web link) will be obtainable to search. If the total web site is connected to it’s home page, you need just give home page URL to the system only. You do not need to much work to implement a search system inside your web site.

Online Demo

View Demo

Please observe that demo has some limitations of page crawling and settings are locked.

Change Log…

2016-12-03 : Project Approval at with PHP5 Version
2016-12-05 : Creating PHP 7 Version
2016-12-05 : Search Term Highlighting at Search Results
2016-12-05 : Settings for Page Limit for Submitted URL
2016-12-05 : Settings for Page Content Limit for Crawled Page


  • Easy to use
  • Simple Crawler
  • Can add 100+ pages
  • Automatic Data Crawling with preset limitations to Pages and page contents
  • Edit or disable pages
  • Responsive Pages
  • Highlighted Search Terms in Search Results
  • Visits Counting for Crawled Pages


  • PHP 5  or PHP 7
  • MySQL


Complete Installation guide is obtainable with the package

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